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chiropractic and bursitis shoulder pain
Bursitis and Chiropractic Care

Most common among those over 40, bursitis is often a result of repetitive motions involved in activities that people engage in like sports such as tennis, golf, skiing, or baseball pitching, and hobbies such as carpentry, gardening, painting, and shoveling. Staying a long time in positions that put pressure on part of your body, such as kneeling, can also cause a flare-up of bursitis. 

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Best Piriformis Stretch to Relieve Sciatic Pain
Piriformis Stretch – Sciatica Relief

If you are sitting a lot, maybe working from home, watch this video. This Piriformis Stretch will help relieve and prevent Back Pain and Sciatica. Enjoy!

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First Visit at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic
First Visit – What to Expect

I wanted to take a moment just to share with you what to expect and how our office works…and hopefully make you a bit more comfortable coming in here.

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Back To Life - Chiropractor Patient Smiling
Back To Life – Ali’s Story

I think I feel like I’m more healthy. Even at work, even I would say I feel more relaxing. I’m not nervous or something because the most pain or the most issue went away. And it’s even affect like my family life. Like less nervous, I feel happy.

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