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Sports Chiropractor | Sports Injuries

Injuries are a part of the game and they can occur in any sport. If you have been injured click here to read about your treatment options.

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Shoulder Mobility & Mid Back Mobility
Back Mobility and Shoulder Mobility

Our next stretch we’re gonna show you is one for the mid-back area. This is one you’ve probably never seen before. It’s one of our more advanced stretches. There’s a few steps to it, but once you get it down it’s pretty easy and it’s very effective.

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How to Live to 100…5 Simple Rules

Our bodies are designed to last easily into our 100s. Here are 5 Rules to follow to not only get you to 100…but to get you there healthily.

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Proper Sleeping Position - Genesis Chiropractic Clinic
Proper Sleeping Position

As a chiropractor, I get asked on a daily basis my opinion on the correct sleeping position, pillow recommendations, and how to prevent waking up with a stiff, aching back. Here is my advice…

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Tips For Pain-Free Work Posture - Genesis Chiropractic Horsham
Pain-Free Work Posture

It’s important to be aware of work posture pitfalls and how to prevent or correct them. We’ve got some easy tips to make work less painful.

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Reduced Medication
Reduced Medication Through Chiropractic

We have the philosophy that no matter what you are doing, you will do it better with a healthy, happy body. If you want to be a better mother, a better golfer, a better CEO, a better nurse, a better teacher, you need your mind and body functioning optimally.

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