Butterfly & Pancake Straddle Stretch for Low Back Health

The next stretch that we’re gonna look at is called the Butterfly Stretch. It is for the inner thighs or what’s called the adductor muscles. Once again, very important group of stabilizing that pelvic area. This is actually gonna be a combination also. It’s gonna be a combination exercise. This is super simple to do but don’t let the simplicity fool you. It’s very important to work the butterfly stretch into your routine.

Butterfly Stretch Technique

So we’ll start with the butterfly. You’re just gonna put, sitting on the ground, you’re going to put both feet together. And for most people, their legs are gonna wind up looking at something like this. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put your hands on your feet here. Next use your elbows to push these down. And if you’re really inflexible, you might even just get away with just pushing down with your hands. Even though this is a pretty simple one, I find a lot of people are tight in this area.

Butterfly & Pancake Straddle Stretch for Low Back Health

Pancake Stretch

Next, what you can do is spread your legs. Basically as wide as he can go. And this is probably a little bit more of an advanced stretch. But you’re gonna come forward as far as you can. Kind of just like crawl down. After that, that’s it.

So, thank you for watching this video. Hopefully it helped out! However, if you have any more questions or would like to be evaluated by our doctor at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, please Contact Us Here. Or call us at 215-343-3223.

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