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We Are Here For You – Our Decision

We had to make a decision today at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic in Horsham, PA. It actually turned out to be pretty easy, and I’m going to share with you why.

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How Poor Posture Impacts Your Health
How Does Being Hunched Over Impact Your Health? Other than just poor appearance does having poor posture and being hunched over have a direct impact... read more
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Alleviate Migraine Headache

With such prevalence, numerous migraine prevention medications have hit the market. Although medications may work and can eliminate the frequency and severity of migraines, we see plenty of risks and side effects associated with medications.

Therefore, finding a natural way to alleviate a migraine headache has become increasingly popular. Many migraine sufferers have found great success using natural and holistic treatments for their migraines.

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Back Muscles Need Sleep to Recover

Missing one-night sleep is not bad, but missing sleep for a series of nights is a different thing altogether. It comes with negative impacts on your ability to recuperate from injury, especially back muscle injury.

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Six Ways to Reduce Stress

Six Ways To Reduce Stress – Feeling of Stress? “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”

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Bad Sitting Posture Leads to Back Pain
How Bad Sitting Posture Leads to Bad Posture and Back Pain How is Back Pain related to Bad Sitting Posture? Today we will discuss back pain and bad... read more