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Chiropractic Benefits Warrington PA
Chiropractic Benefits | Cause vs Symptom

Drugs only treat symptoms. The advantage of chiropractic care is it treats the cause of the symptoms and therefore is lasting or permanent.

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long term nutrition
Nutrition – A Long Term Approach

There is an ocean of information and misinformation out there about nutrition. Why do these grand promises always fall short of real results in the long-term?

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Shoulder, Triceps, & Chest Mobility
Mobility for Shoulder, Triceps, & Chest

Now it’s time for chest, shoulder, and triceps area. So this is a new stretch, you’ve probably never seen it before, but it’s very, very important that it’s done properly.

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slip and fall injuries genesis chiropractic horsham
Slip and Fall Injuries | Chiropractic Care

Slip and fall accidents are undoubtedly one of the most common reasons for injury. Often, you may not notice any of the symptoms right away,

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Advanced Adductor Sequence - Frog Stretch
Adductor Stretch Sequence

We’re going on the very advanced stretch here. We’re gonna start out with what’s called the frog leg. This is once again for the adductor muscle inside your leg. And then we’re actually going to really like an advanced frog leg, which is very difficult.

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