Back Pain Recovery

Relieving back pain through proper spinal and postural alignment.

The Chiropractic BioPhysics Approach

No side effects or risks...just life-changing results.

What Is It?

Dr. Fish is qualified in Chiropractic BioPhysics, which is a modern solution to common spinal problems, Back Pain, and Sciatica. This form of treatment focuses on using non-invasive methods to properly align your back and regain optimal posture. BioPhysics is both clinically and scientifically tested. Results are proven to improve your range of movement, relieve chronic pain, and rehabilitate your spine.

How Does It Work?

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) employs a number of advanced techniques to move your spine into the correct position. Dr. Fish uses modern technologies such as digital motion x-rays (only 5% of chiropractors use this) to pinpoint the exact location of the source of your pain. As a result, these moving images allow us to determine what is working and what isn’t. Once Dr. Fish has identified the issue, he uses postural adjustments, traction, and exercises to restore you to full health.

Aligning Your Spine & Posture

A natural solution to your back pain.

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Dr. Gene Fish uses the latest techniques to realign your spine and improve your posture. There are a number of reasons for misalignment such as poor postural habits, car accidents, or sports injuries. At Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, we can help through education, rehabilitation, and our conservative approach – meaning no surgery or medication in sight!

The first step to health is getting checked! Enduring back pain can have a real impact on your life. Do you feel the emotional pain (alongside the physical) of not being able to play with kids? Perhaps you aren’t able to socialize with friends when playing sports or going for a jog. We know it can be very frustrating. Which is why we want to stress the importance of scheduling a chiropractic consultation. There are a number of symptoms related to back pain and if these aren’t addressed they can lead to more severe problems.

Common Symptoms
  • Low Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Numbness

  • Tingling

  • Disc Bulge

Potential Problems
  • Fatigue

  • Sleep Difficulties

  • Weaker Immune System

  • Digestion Issues

  • Depression and Anxiety

Dr. Fish and his friendly staff are wonderful. I went to see Dr because of severe pain in back that wasn't going away. Went to consultation and was well informed about the care I would receive. In my opinion Dr. Fish performed nothing short of a miracle. Yes. So when you are in pain and someone makes it go away that's a miracle. Lol!! Seriously though, the detail to care has been impeccable! I once asked a question about something I was doing there and Dr. took the time to bring up my X-Ray and show me what and why I was doing such a thing. Hats off to all at Genesis Chiropractic!

- Brenda Meyers, Warrington PA

I came to Dr. Fish for treatment of my chronic low back pain. I also had some neck cramping and tightness. This was brought on from my career as a Nurse's Aide and now a Registered Nurse. For the past nine years I have been doing this job and I am often lifting and transferring heavy patients. Before coming to Genesis Chiropractic, I tried a variety of approaches such as massage, heat, taking time to rest, a back brace, and Ibuprofen. These helped to some degree but never fixed the cause of my back pain or neck stiffness permanently. Then I decided to try for myself the chiropractic approach after Dr. Fish explained to me exactly what chiropractic is and how chiropractic works. Dr. Fish assessed my current back pain, measured it (x-rays and a computerized back scanner), developed a plan to correct it, and implemented the plan through biweekly office visits. Working as a nurse it is very important to have my body pain-free so that I can help others. But in my daily life I also enjoy reading, walking, camping, and hiking – all of which are more enjoyable being pain free. At this point, I no longer have chronic back pain. I never thought I could wake up in the morning pain free. So I occasionally have flare-ups after a heavy workload and come in for a “tune-up” to feel better. I think chiropractic is a long-lasting correction maintained with periodic adjustments. Being a medical professional I was very skeptical of chiropractic care. I was giving chiropractic care a chance as a last resort. It should have been the first resort. Thank you Dr. Fish for spending the time to explain chiropractic and answer my questions!

- Sara Gift, Warrington PA

It took me just one visit to realize that Genesis cares. Dr. Fish is a great physician and an even better listener. I was suffering from chronic lower back pain for nearly a year and Dr. Fish gave me an honest solution that I could afford. The best part is I walked out of that first visit with a deeper understanding of my pain than ever before, largely because Dr. Fish explains complex problems in a way we can all understand. He even answered all of my questions and showed great patience. So on a more sentimental level, everyone at the office was so kind. Michele greeted me every day with terrific energy and a smile on her face. Through superb customer service, Michele and her assistants made the waiting room fun (I know, they usually suck right?!). So long story short, Genesis treated me like family!!! 14 sessions later I can proudly say my back pain is gone, I'm more educated about my body, and I feel like part of the Genesis family. So thanks Dr. Fish!!!!!!

- Roy Roberts, Horsham PA

My name is Melissa Milsop and I live in Collegeville, PA. I work for a major financial firm in Malvern, PA. The drive to get to Dr. Fish's office is an hour and 20 minutes. So it is definitely worth the drive and helps me tremendously. Because when I first came to see Dr. Fish I had extreme lower back pain where my leg was going numb. Dr. Fish has helped me a great deal. At my job I'm sitting 8 hours a day and I would have to get up every 30 minutes to move around, to loosen my leg. Now I don't have that worry since I can sit down for 2-3 hours at a time. There were no fears to trying chiropractic care. Because I've know a lot of people who went to see a chiropractor for care and had tremendous results so I tried it out and I'm very happy that I did. I had not taken any steps previously to deal with the pain and I just dealt with my job on a daily basis. So I was referred to chiropractic care through my sister who is a massage therapist. She said it would extremely help me out with my ailment. So that was my first step in trying it. My life has drastically changed coming to see Dr. Fish. I'm able to work more hours at work without having to worry about sitting and falling, and worrying if my leg is going to give out. I was recently in Disney World and I was able to walk the whole week without any types of pain in my leg. Now I view chiropractic care as a long lasting correction. Therefore I would encourage everyone who is thinking about chiropractic care to give it a shot. I have felt tremendously an improvement along with many friends who see chiropractors. Dr. Fish is very gentle. He explains everything. That is a necessity. As long as you understand what is going on and he takes his time. So there is no rushing around his office.

- Melissa Milsop, Collegeville PA

I came here about two months ago with my sciatic nerve jacked up. So I could barely walk at work ( what I do all day for work). Ever since I came here the staff has been the nicest. Dr. Fish adjusts my back three times a week. And especially Keith with my physical therapy helping me out fixing my posture and answering everything I have asked. So I am very happy I was lucky to come across this office 100% recommend!

- Mohamed Abouelenein, Warrington PA

I have been coming here for about 4 months due to an extreme and debilitating pain in my lower back from whenever I would drive anywhere. And Dr. Fish was able to take x-rays, identify the cause of the pain - which ended up being 3 subluxations in my back in total. And through using a series of PT, decompression, adjustments and stim work, was able to completely get rid of the subluxations in only 3 months. So I cannot recommend him enough, as well as the hospitable office. Keith is a top notch trainer that knows exactly when to push you and how far and the front desk of Michele and Jess is always welcoming with a smile on their face. Because this place didn't just fix my lower pack pain, they gave me my mobility back. So as a dad of three little kids, that's absolutely invaluable.

- Scott Walker, Warminster PA

of the population will experience Lower Back Pain (LBP) in their lifetime.

Benefit from First-Class Chiropractic Care

Lasting relief without the side effects of medication or the pain and stress of surgery.


After your initial exam, Dr. Fish will show you where the problem lies using x-rays and CBP Postural Analysis. He’ll then gently use corrective chiropractic care to adjust your spine into the ideal position, and therefore relieve your pain. Our Horsham Chiropractor uses the Harrison Ideal Spine Model and BioPhysics to re-balance your body, align your spine, and improve your range of movement.


After your back has been aligned, Dr. Fish focuses on improving your posture and strengthening the spinal muscles. This will help alleviate pain and prevent future back problems. During your appointments, we will use Mirror Image Postural and Spinal Traction methods to re-balance your nervous system and strengthen your muscles. Mirror Image means Dr. Fish will see what your body is not doing and show you how to properly perform exercises to teach your body the opposite of that.


Our main aim is to help you achieve pain relief and long-term wellness. However, this does take some work on your part after you leave the office. Here our back pain specialist partners with you to create a custom rehabilitation care plan. This involves stretching, strength exercises, Home Traction using Denneroll, and even nutritional advice. Your health relies on performing these exercises to support the work Dr. Fish does at our office!


Studies have shown that proper spinal alignment and posture can relieve symptoms of common illnesses such as asthma, high blood pressure, and even depression. In addition, patients have reported a reprieve from allergies once their back has been moved to its ideal position. You can reach improved overall health with the removal of back pain.

Did You Know? Chiropractic has helped millions of Americans avoid back surgery.

Modern Techniques in Comfortable Surroundings

Dr. Fish uses state-of-the-art technology to align your spine and boost your health.

Digital Motion X-Rays

Advanced diagnostic possibilities are achieved using this state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Fish is one of less than 5% of chiropractors that use this equipment to study the movement of your joints and how they relate to your pain.

Flexion Tables

Flexion – Distraction tables allows for effective and comprehensive corrective care. This table can accommodate all ranges of spinal and postural movement, flexion, extension, and rotation.


To assist you with your rehabilitation, Dr. Fish may recommend a Denneroll orthotic device. Using this device can make a real difference to your recovery time, flexibility, and function. It is primarily used to correct improper spinal curvature and helps alleviate pain.

Experiencing Back Pain?

Contact our corrective chiropractor in Horsham / Warrington, PA.