How Chiropractic Care Eases Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches can ruin anyone’s day. Migraines can make it difficult for you to concentrate and focus. Let alone work your best. It can be debilitating. They can affect your performance in the office and at home. And even how you relate with people. They can shut your day down instantly.

Migraines are a common condition among Americans. Nearly 30 million people in the country have migraines.

What Is a Migraine Headache?

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Migraines are characterized by intense throbbing or pulsing pain. They are usually felt on one side of the head. Although in a few cases, both sides of the head may feel the unpleasant sensation. 70% of migraines are accompanied by nausea and dizziness. While almost 30% have vomiting.

As differentiated from migraines, headaches are described as mild and dull pressure. And usually felt throughout the forehead or scalp. They are not accompanied by additional symptoms throughout the body. Such as dizziness, nausea, and seeing flashing lights or blind spots.

Some people who suffer from migraines may experience certain symptoms called an aura. It can occur before and during the attack of migraine. They are symptoms of the nervous system. So they are disturbances in the sensory, visual, or verbal functions. However, there are differences in the individuals’ symptoms. So not all migraines are associated with auras.

Sometimes they are caused as a part of another illnesses. For example flus or colds. Continuous lack of sleep, foods, certain activities, or medications can also cause migraines. And even bright lights and odor can trigger its onset. Left unattended, migraines can last from 2 to 72 hours.

The medications in the treatment of migraines are mostly prescription medications. Examples are antidepressants, anti-epileptic medications, and blood pressure-lowering drugs. So they do not provide lasting relief and can have side-effects. Taking steps to reduce stress and avoiding triggers such as certain foods, activities and environmental conditions are some of the natural things you can do to prevent migraines.

What Causes Migraine Headaches?

Migraines can be traced to certain conditions in the nervous system. This was true for a vast majority of patients. So the cause of migraine headache points to misalignments of the spinal vertebrae in the neck region that creates pressure on the spinal nerves. In a recent study, upper cervical trauma was also identified as an underlying cause for many types of head pain. Trauma was especially connected with migraines. In other words displaced vertebrae results in chronic head pain. And symptoms will persist unless the neck injury is addressed. That is why seeking high quality chiropractic care is so important.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Manage Migraines

Chiropractic care is recommended as an effective treatment and prevention option. Because it is a safe, non-invasive, non-medication alternative treatment. Chiropractors will first examine the spine for proper motion and alignment. Then a chiropractor will deliver an adjustment. That involves correcting the position of these injured cervical vertebrae and realigning them. This restores proper motion in the spine. Therefore reducing or eliminating migraine headaches. Chiropractic can provide a safe and effective natural relief. Because it addresses the underlying cause of migraines and prevents its recurrence.

When you choose to get chiropractic care for management of your migraine headaches, here are some of the benefits you will gain:

  • Decreased pain and physical discomfort.
  • Reduced inflammation and stress.
  • Reduced muscle tension. (which is a known trigger for migraines).
  • Normalized blood flow.
  • Restored strength of the muscles that support the spine.
  • Improved overall physical performance and function.
  • Unlocked healing potential of the body.

If you’re looking for an effective way of managing your migraine headaches and wish to live a better and healthier lifestyle, visiting a professional chiropractic care clinic is a smart and practical solution. The chiropractors at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic will be happy to accommodate you. Your first step is to come in for a consultation. That will also include an initial examination, and diagnostic imaging. We will work with you closely in order to provide the best solution, chiropractic care, or physical therapies you need.

So Contact us now. And let’s discuss your health condition. 215-343-3223. You don’t need to keep suffering! Let’s see if we can help. We have been successfully helping migraine patients in the Horsham and Warrington PA area since 2001.

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