Proper Sitting Posture at Work

As many of us have or are preparing to make a return to the office in the coming months, there are some potential bad habits we should be wary of falling into. We can’t do much about the gas prices or traffic that a commute will entail. But we can help to manage the back, joint, and neck problems that a full-time return to the workplace can entail. This blog post will look at some practical tips for managing those issues in the short and long term.

picture of a woman sitting at work

One of the biggest problems we face in the office is the necessity of sitting in place for extended periods of time. Prolonged sitting doesn’t just lead to back issues. It can have serious repercussions for your mental and physical well-being. But there’s no getting away from the fact we just have to sit down to get work done sometimes. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps to make sitting less of a pain.


  • Sit with your hips and knees at right angles
  • Support your back with a towel or cushion at the curve of your back
  • Keep your spinal curves aligned 
  • Perform a posture reset 

Small Adjustments

There are also some small adjustments to your day that can lead to big results in your overall well-being. Regular use of a foam roller, simple yoga poses, and stretches are all good habits that you can fold into your daily routine. 

For optimal results over the long run, the right chiropractor can help to identify and treat the root causes of chronic pain. Genesis Chiropractic Clinic uses cutting-edge technology like the Motion Study X-Ray. This not only shows the appearance of the spine but how it functions when you are moving. This allows us to tailor your treatment to your specific needs and goals. This is one of the technologies we use to get great results.

In the short-term, chiropractic treatment will focus on providing relief and pain reduction while working towards recovery in the medium and long term. It’s important not to cease care at the first sign of pain relief. But to see your treatment through in order to deliver sustainable results and take your health to the next level. After recovery comes wellness, using routine care to maintain those results and identify new problems before they have the chance to develop into bigger issues down the line. 

Proper Sitting Posture at Work is Achievable

So with these practical tips in mind, your return to the office needn’t be as painful as you might fear. Of course, all of these suggestions are still useful even if you’re still working from home. Though it may be a touch more difficult to stand up regularly if your cat has claimed your lap. 

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