Patient Experience at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic

Experience an Adjustment Day for yourself! Here are a few videos showing part of an adjustment at our office. Everyone is unique so every adjustment will be different based on what we are trying to accomplish.

Experience A Chiropractic Adjustment

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we do in our office for you is called an Adjustment. Adjustments will be specific and scientific to you based on your x-ray findings and Exam. This is the ONLY procedure to offload gravity to get your bones moving again to restore input to your brain. Ultimately our goal and what we are trying to accomplish is to allow your nervous system to put the brakes on stress and fight or flight response and reset it into a state of ease.

Manual Decompression / Flexion Distraction

Another common treatment for low back pain or sciatica is manual decompression to re-hydrate your discs. It helps plump up those skinny spaces between the bones and takes the pressure off the nerves. It’s basically a giant stretch for your discs. Everyone loves this part.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Improved Strength and Muscle Activation
  • Increased Range of Motion and Mobility
  • Improved overall Flexibility
  • Decreased inflammation

Experience a Full Adjustment a Little Bit Faster

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I hope this video gave you a feel for the experience of a patient in our office. Happy to discuss if we can be of service to you to help you meet your health needs.

Give us a call at 215-343-3223.


Dr. Gene Fish of Genesis Chiropractic Clinic in Horsham PA - Chiropractor Adjustment Experience

– Dr. Gene Fish


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