Ever Wonder: *WHY* is chiropractic so EFFECTIVE for getting rid of pain?

We’ve all experienced it. We were in pain, then get adjusted (sometimes just once, sometimes a group of sessions) then we were out of pain. What happened? Why? I will explain why chiropractic works so well for getting rid of your pain.

Some people (most people) like to simply enjoy better health and better feeling without knowing why. But for my fellow analyticals that need to know…this info on why chiropractic works is for you.

Warning: Extreme Nerd Alert.

It boils down to three words. Don’t worry, a plain English Translation will follow.

Mechanoreception inhibits Nociception.

Let me explain:

It first starts with the knowledge that our nervous system (the main communication system in our body) is sensory driven. Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Roger Sperry says that:

“the spine is the motor that drives the brain.”

According to his research “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.” Only 10% of our brain’s energy goes into thinking, metabolism, immunity, and healing. Sperry demonstrated that 90% of brain energy goes into processing and maintaining the body’s relationship with gravity.

Motion is Life

So movement literally is how your brain gets fed. And while 90% of input comes from the spine, almost 50% comes from the neck.

What happens is each joint has 2 Receptors. Mechano-receptors sense movement. Noci-receptors senses damage / threat. Each of these receptors turn off (or inhibit) the other one.

Meaning – when we move well, it turns off the stress signal and stops the pain signal.

Why Chiropractic Works

When you get adjusted a highly skilled chiropractor is able to find areas of your spine that are stuck and not moving properly (thus your body sensing damage and sending pain signals). The adjustment restores motion and when you move properly, the brain is stimulated properly and the pain signal turns off.

And that’s why chiropractic works so well in stopping your pain.

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