Deadly Pain Pills

46 people a day die from overdoses of opioids–prescription painkiller pills like OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin. The FDA recently approved a new version, Zohydro ER. Consumer Reports is calling on the government to reconsider.

According to reports, the FDA went against the recommendation of it’s OWN advisory committee and approved even another version of hydrocodone. Both consumers and state governments are calling for it to by unapproved.

I will tell you right now what is going to happen to these drugs’ availability…NOTHING!!! Probably EVER!!!

Don’t rely on the government or the FDA to protect you from these drugs. It’s up to you to be informed. The business that these companies generate will never let them slow down.

In truth, there is for sure a place where these drugs can probably be useful. But that is LONG LONG after you have tried EVERYTHING else, yes including chiropractic. And these drugs are to be taken with extreme care and under supervision of your medical doctor. Therefore, you should understand that these drugs can be highly addictive and cost people their lives every single day. I cannot overstate that enough. THESE DRUGS ARE KILLING PEOPLE EVERY DAY!

So don’t be lazy with your health conditions. Don’t think you can continue your normal life if you just pop a pill. Be an active participant in your health. Call us if you need any help. 215-343-3223


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