Health Is An Inside Job

Enjoy a very informative article on Wellness Care and Health written by Top Performance Coach, Lee Milteer.

Health Is An Inside Job

By Lee Milteer

Thomas A. Edison said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease.”  The purpose of this program is to give you some empowering thoughts that can change your destiny. The truth is that prevention is much cheaper than treatment in economic terms when it comes to our health.

The old saying:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very true. The hard truth is you have to invest in your health.  You can choose to spend money on good body maintenance and prevention or you can spend your money on trying to recover from ill health.

No matter what your current state of health is at this moment. You have the power to improve it.

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am, Lee Milteer. And I have been a professional speaker, writer and life coach since 1980 on Human potential. My personal livelihood depends on my ability to travel, speak, consult and be my best.  I have sought after the very best and optimal health care possible. I personally recommend and use Chiropractors, acupuncturists, reflexology, homeopaths, and naturopaths and massage therapists and medical doctors.  Plus other tools such as Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, vitamins and herbal supplements to support my system. It’s important to be open minded and curious on how you can support your body and create vitality, energy and good health for yourself.

I am going to share with you some of the most important tips and reminders on how to create a more balanced lifestyle and better overall health that I have gathered from some of the top functional health experts of our time.

There exists in every person a place that we call perfect health. So no one has proved that getting sick is necessary.  Quite the opposite is true in fact. Everyday we come in contract will millions of bacteria, allergens, viruses and fungi and only the tiniest fraction of those will ever lead to disease.

According to recent books by top doctors of our time its not uncommon for our body’s to have dangerous germs within it at all times.

But we are protected for the most part by our body’s immunity and our physical ability to repel disease.

People who consider themselves “too busy to get sick” are known to have above average health while those who worry and fret excessively about disease fall into poor health more often.

The most satisfying healing system imaginable would be a natural method, one that utilizes the body’s own abilities to promote internal healing and on-going wellness.

As we journey the road to health, we each need to examine how we perceive our own bodies and health.  So we need to become aware of what perceptions determine our attitudes regarding how we approach treatment and care of our bodies both when we are in full health and when we are ill. We already do many things for Preventive health measures such as brushing our teeth and flossing daily and those small things can make huge differences in our overall health. So our goal is to become more conscious of additional preventive measures we could add to list our maintenance of good common sense for our long-term health.

Since we live in a mechanical and technological world we often view our bodies as machines and when our equipment fails we take ourselves to the nearest body mechanic to get us back on the road again.  Many times simply putting a band-aid on the problem and never getting to the root cause of the problem.

As a matter of interest how many people do you think do regular basic maintenance and care of their cars but these same people do not treat or value their bodies as well as they do their cars?

This presentation is to remind you to come back into integrity with yourself about the Preventive health measures that you can offer yourself.

HEALTH is your greatest wealth and asset.  No matter how much money, Fame and success you have it means nothing without your health.

Many people don’t get that truth until they have abused themselves into a dire state of lack of health or illness. We can stress our bodies and minds with daily chores and work activities if we don’t add balance our life with nurturing activities.

How many times has your back or neck hurt because you have worked too many hours in front of the computer?  Maybe you are a weekend sports person or you have worked in your yard and it takes you days or weeks to recover? Yet many of us just hope the pain will go away.  When we don’t take care of ourselves we suffer and that means other things in our life will suffer.  And when you don’t feel good you are not at your best. 

When you are not at your best you can be grumpy, non productive or negative. 

We always affect the people around us.  I am suggesting that we use our resources and utilize the medical advancements to our best advantage. We must start using the experts who have studied health and allow them to help us bring our bodies into well-being.  Be proactive. And add tools, resources, strategies and new knowledge to our life about responsible caring for our body, mind and spirit.

The good news is that the body is a very powerful and can help heal itself if given the right resources.  Our bodies are made up of more than seventy trillion cells.  So like all living systems, our bodies do possess a robust ability to renew themselves.  Far from being a passive player in the dance of health, the body has the power to rally its healing forces with more vigor than the world’s best-trained medical team.  We create Health by providing our bodies with the best environment we can by meeting its nutritional needs, clearing its waste products, and giving the body coordinated messages from our nervous systems by using Chiropractor care or body work.

“By nurturing the body our entire life experience is enhanced.”

The first secret you should know about perfect health is that YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE IT.  You can only be as healthy as you think it possible to be and you choose to be.  So mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves have a profound influence on our physical body.

Also listen for the proactive theme that we are 100 percent responsible for taking care of our health.  Not our loved ones, company, gov. or even your doctor.

Our goal is to become proactive for health rather than just reactive to illness.

This program is about possibility thinking and that you are creating your life by your thoughts, actions and believes.  Every day we are engaged in creating or destroying our human body with our mind set and daily habits. The new research has proven that since we have the power to build our bodies that we also have the power to unbuild our weaknesses or disease.  Since the process of change is constant we can always create a healthy, vibrant, strong body if we were willing to change our habits and thoughts. There is a connection of the attitudinal, emotional, and spiritual components of disease.

It’s important to realize that Health and longevity is the normal state of body, mind, and spirit. No matter what society says about getting older and the on set of old age diseases no one has proven that that getting sick is necessary.

If this sound unavailable to you because maybe you struggled with low energy, sleeplessness, occasional bouts with illness or any other number of health concerns, you may be skeptical about this kind of mind, body approach.  But take heart. The secret to your success in creating vibrant health is the quality and consistency of your efforts on the mind, body and spirit connection.

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra in his book Perfect Health he says “Instead of seeing your body as a collection of cells, tissues, and organs, you can see it as a silent flow of intelligence, a constant bubbling up of impulses that create, control, and become your physical body.  The secret of life at this level is that anything in your body can be changed with the flick of an intention.”

He goes on to say the cells of our body are intelligent. Your skin is renewed every five weeks.  Your skeleton, seemingly solid and rigid, is entirely new every three months. And your stomach lining changes every five days.  You may appear on the outside to look the same but in reality new ones are constantly replacing your cells.  Every year, fully 98% percent of the total number of atoms in your body is replaced.”

I am sharing this information with you to establish the fact that to change the level of health that you are experiencing you must take the responsible to change the software of your thinking.

You must make new decisions about your beliefs, your behaviors and your actions in regards to long-term good health. So be aware that those extremely small imbalances in your system today can sow the seeds of future illness. Creating good habits that preserve balance can ensure an ideal state of health such as regular visits to your health care providers such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and medical specialists.

In the past years we are all familiar with the concept of the mind, body connection. So In truth thoughts turns into matter. All fears and hopes, with emotion and desire have left their marks on your physiology. So these mental messages constantly give the body messages.  Many of us do not give our body life supporting messages.

There is a wonderful book you might want to add to your personal library called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  She says the body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs.  The body is always talking to us, if we will only take the time to listen. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.  Continuous modes of thinking and speaking produce body behaviors and postures of ease or dis-eases.  She gives the example of how older people’s faces and bodies show so clearly a lifetime of thinking patterns. The person who has a permanently scowling face did not produce that by having joyous, loving thoughts. I have to ask you HOW WILL YOU LOOK WHEN YOU ARE ELDERLY?

How do we restore the balance in our lives to create perfect health?

Here are some strategies and tips. They will help keep your immune system up and running. And to improve the overall balance and health of your body. These suggestions will offer you specific, measurable strategies. So you will move past old limitations and create skills to increase the quality of your life and your health.

You are writing the script of your life daily. So be proactive and start new habits and actions that will transform your life.


Get Regular Chiropractic Care

Spinal adjustments are one of the most recommended and safest forms of therapy for good health. These adjustments help coordinate the body’s nervous system, insuring the right signal are dispatched through out the body.  Greater health, harmony, and efficiency on the cellular level will result.  Chiropractic care is solely for the purpose of correcting nerve interference.  The body is always striving to heal itself.  Nerve interference can be caused by physical, emotional and chemical factors.  A misalignment can occur at any level in the spine, causing nerve interference. 

These nerves short circuit, the cells, tissues and organs don’t receive the proper signals.   Nerve interference robs our vitality and weakens our immune system. This results in a state of Dis-ease, a lack of ease by definition. Chiropractors believe that instead of treating disease with chemicals and invasive procedures, whenever possible, first treat dis-ease with reduction or elimination of nerve interference, thereby giving the patient a chance to recover naturally before resorting to drugs and surgery.

Dr. Terry Rondberg wrote that:

From the time you were born, your inner wisdom has known exactly how to keep you healthy and alive.  It knows how fast your heart should beat. How often your lungs need to breath. It knows how to digest food and how to eliminate waste.  There are millions of details controlled by your inner wisdom to keep this marvelous machine in prime functioning condition.  Every living organism in our world possesses what chiropractors call innate intelligence.  The body machine comes out of the factory fully able to function, as long it has regular fuel and adequate maintenance. Innate Intelligence sends instructions to every organ and cell in your body through the nerve system housed by the vertebrae.  However, unless your spinal vertebrae are correctly aligned, those instructions can’t be received and followed properly.  The result is dis-ease and dysfunction.

One of the reasons I personally use and like chiropractic care is because they believe in whole body wellness. And wellness is the state of health where your body is free of spinal nerve interference, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest and an improved quality of life. I personally find Chiropractic care to be the most beneficial for me since I am very active and after a treatment I feel like a million bucks.  Its like my body got tuned up to run at its best.

BE Good to Your Body: Get Regular Massages

A massage may seem like a luxury for the well to do but in reality it’s really a necessity.  It is an excellent way to keep your circulation in good shape by helping to deliver nutrients and remove wastes from every part of your body.

It’s proven that your immune system will function more efficiently as a result of massage and chiropractic adjustments. Be sure to treat yourself more often to a good massage or acupuncturist treatment. Your body will repay you in more energy and vitality.

Take Time to Relax and Let Go

The truth is our bodies and minds were not designed to work with the stress we experience in our current environment.  Relaxation is an often over looked source of healing. Please love yourself enough to realize that life is way to short not to enjoy your favorite pastimes and enjoy them on a regular basis.  If you like something please do yourself a favor and schedule time to do it. The simple things in life sometimes have the greatest effects for well being. Enjoying life will keep your stress level down and your energy level up.  Please do not fall into the busy trap or feel guilty about relaxing because it actually helps improve your productivity by reenergizing you. Plan time that you can relax and let your hair down.

Create Quiet time or Meditate Daily

Everyone needs time to himself or herself. You can begin to strengthen your immune system by touching the spirit within you.  Your body will respond to the flow of positive energy and help awaken wisdom on a cellular level. It should be said that prayer is one of the most effective tools for divine healing and health. Ask and you shall receive is a good thing to remember.  Ask in your prayers for the wisdom to listen to your body and intuition.  And ask for the courage to do the right things for you.  Ask for motivation to do the things that make your body, mind and spirit feel good.

Every healing must take place in mind before it can appear as an effect in the body. “

Pay Attention To What You Eat and Drink

Respect your uniqueness.  Pay attention to what kinds of foods your body responds well to and the kinds of foods that your body does not like or tolerate. Its just good common sense to avoid the kinds of foods that cause you distress. I am amazed at the TV commercials for people who eat things that make them feel bad and the commercials tell you to take a certain over the counter medication.  Doesn’t it make more sense just to not eat the foods that cause your body discomfort and distress?  Why add the wear and stress to yourself?

Your body is not a garage container.   Everything has consequences. Become aware of how your food and drink choices make you feel.

Listen to your body when it tries to tell you something. Start to pay attention to the results you get from eating.  If you choose fast food one day, monitor how you feel in the late afternoon. How is your energy level?  Are you tired and sleepy?  The next day select a garden salad and notice what your energy level.  Observe how you feel about the choices you make. Its important to realize that food is our fuel and when we choose food that empowers us we are more productive, feel better and usually experience better emotional moods.  Sometimes guilt can be as destructive as the food. Good health does not mean depriving yourself of sweets or things you like.  It’s simply understanding that moderation; balance and finding out what foods increase your energy levels and what foods do not.

For example, my body does not handle milk products very well. I just love Ice Cream but if I eat very much of it in a few hours I am going to feel bad.  It’s my choice but I am conscious of the consequences if I decide to eat it anyway. Are the few seconds of pleasure while I eat the Ice cream worth the bloating and uncomfortable feelings that will come?

Since today’s foods rarely have the proper nutrients that build your body it may befit you to take high quality vitamins and herbal supplements that support your system.

I want you to take note that when buying vitamins and herbal supplements that you get the best quality you can.  Most drug stores and grocery stores do not carry the highest quality no matter what they advertise.  Buy your supplements from a supplier you trust.

It should be noted that one of the most important rules to follow to keep your organs healthy and happy is drink clean water.  Most health experts recommended 6 glasses or more a day.  I know that sounds like a lot of water.  Try drinking water instead of teas or sodas and notice just how good your skin starts to look.  You may start to feel more energy in life by flushing out toxins in your system.  Check it out yourself. By the way for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds it’s been proven it’s almost impossible to lose unwanted weight drinking sodas. You might want to give Herbal teas a try for something healthy and different.

Move Your Body

Exercise has many functions. It increases circulation, tones and stimulates the elimination system.  Exercise helps you maintain a positive attitude. It helps you sleep better at night. And it makes you feel much better about how you look and feel.  All these things improve your immune system on a mental and physical level.  The truth is exercise keeps you young, flexible and gives you a confidence that will keep you feeling and looking younger your entire life.

Improve Eliminations

One of the best ways to keep your immune system working to fight off against disease is to keep your elimination system regular.  A detoxified body is far stronger when it is not laden with wastes and toxins. Make sure you build into your diet more fiber, vegetables and pure clean water.

Get Quality Sleep Time

Like relaxation many of us are not getting enough sleep.  Yet it is vital to the rejuvenation of the body.  When you sleep the body has the opportunity too much of its repair and renewal work to keep you healthy. The body needs to keep as regular hours as possible for sleep.  Give yourself a new lease on life and go to bed earlier. Take a good book, cut the news off and allow yourself to enjoy the pleasures of being in your own bed and enjoying the well-deserved rest.  Keep your bedroom as a private rest room.  Do not keep computers, storage and junk around.  Nurture yourself with a good environment to promote good sleeping habits.

Breathe Deeply and Get Fresh Air

The lungs work through the process of breathing to release carbon dioxide, which is the end product of your body’s metabolism of oxygen.

So start today to have the skill of awareness. So notice your breathing patterns.

Are you breathing with depth and regularity? Ever notice when you are stressed you actually stop breathing and hold your breath?

BREATHING means to allow life to enter your body again.

Try to take a break several times a day when in a fresh air environment and breath in deeply and out forcefully.  This exercise expands your lungs and jog loose toxic particles that may be trapped in the recesses of your lungs.  The lungs are one of the organs that are involved in bodily eliminations of toxins.


Pay attention to what information you expose yourself today daily!

It’s a new trend for drug companies to advertise and I have noticed that they use a form of brainwashing that its normal to be sick.  We are bombarded everyday on the television, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and radio advertisements, to believe it is necessary to take drugs to stay healthy.  We should all learn to question the authority of these types of ads.  If you are going to take a drug, ask your doctor if it will get rid of the cause of your symptoms, condition or disease or just cover up the symptoms, what side effects you might experience and if there are any long term side effects. It very important to education yourself on exactly what is going into your body and what affects it may produce good or bad.

Be aware of the effects long-term exposure to media’s messages.  Its always trouble, something to fear, war, negative information that creeps into our subconscious mind and makes us focus on events and things we have no control but weight on our minds.  Worry does not reinforce health. Worry is like a rocking chair.  Gives your something to do but gets you nowhere.

For proactive wellness, limit your exposure to negative news coverage. Use Discernment in your life. Know what is going on in the world but do not dwell on negative information.  The mind is a precious link to health so guard it well from toxin information from the news or negative people.

Build Humor in Your Life: Stop Taking Life so Seriously

Stop being a grown up all the time.  Let the kid out within you.  Being serious and pragmatic will only lead to mental exhaustion.  Allowing yourself to laugh is a wonderful way to stay healthy.  Don’t let an old person move into your body.  Have fun, enjoy a good comedy, funny people, and allow yourself the gift of true laughter.

Create Entertainment Breaks and Escapes from Your World and Life

Many say that books offer the greatest escapes presenting us to exciting characters and intricate plots which make your life. So often fraught with complex problems. It pales in comparison.  Reading can take you away from the tensions of reality. And make you feel refreshed. Therefore with a brand new perspective in life.

The movies, museums and other cultural events can provide the same type of escape and intellectual stimulation.  The point is stop focusing on how over tired, over stressed and overworked you are. And do something positive and proactive for yourself!

Have Clear Intentions

All the suggestions won’t work unless you do them for the right reasons. Your body is your temple meant to enable you to serve yourself and others.

You want to have a strong healthy body. So that you can be positive, constructive and helpful force in the world.  Also keep in mind.

What you sow you shall reap in life. Take the time to show a little kindness to another person. Simply taking the time to uplift the world of someone else with a kind word or thoughtful act will brighten your world.

Positive Mental Attitude

The famous Psychologist William James wrote that one of the greatest discoveries was that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

In truth disorder can be prevented as long as balance is maintained in the body, mind and spirit.  You might want to consider personal relationships, work satisfaction, spiritual growth, and social harmony as part of this balance, which are linked to the mind and body health.

A positive mental attitude will alleviate stress and allow clear thinking.

Try to keep a positive attitude throughout the day and realize life is full of ups and downs.  There are many things you just cannot control and it’s senseless to be upset.  A better solution would be to start asking yourself.  What is the solution for this problem instead of focusing only on the problem?

Take the attitude in life that you are a work in progress. You are always becoming.

Think of the sculptor, Michelangelo.

His true genius lay in his ability to see a finished statue inside a rough block of marble. His challenge was not to crave a new statue. But to release the one that was already there, hidden in the stone.

This is exactly what we have to do with our view of health within ourselves.  When you bring yourself back into your natural balance with nature you are not creating a new you but you are simply releasing the true you that has been hidden away.  You are discovering your true self and power. We all want to be stronger and livelonger.  Longevity and immunity are important words to claim as our own. To help you move towards these goals you need to have a strong sense of yourself as a spiritual being, a positive mental attitude, a healthy, well nourished body combined to build a strong and balanced immune system.

Listen to your Intuition

Dr. Albert Schweitzer said” Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.  We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to work. So the truth is that the body knows when to heal. It knows how to heal. And when to stop healing and go back on maintenance.  The purpose of good health care should be to allow the body’s wisdom to do the healing without interfering unless you have to with chemicals or surgical procedures.

Dr. Deepak Chopra says.

Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.

Making Intelligent Decisions and Choices

Your life is a series of decisions and choices, which affect your health and well-being and your future.

Everyday you make dozens of choices, which affect your health.  These

Choices you make will ultimately affect the state of your body, mind, and spirit.  Some of these choices are as obvious as they are simple. Such as choosing to have a salad with your meal rather than French fries.  Or maybe you are faced with the option of lingering at the café for desert and coffee as opposed to taking an enjoyable walk.

There are other kinds of decision that often go unnoticed.  How many times have you ridden the elevator the second or third floor when the stairway door is with in sight?

How about the unconscious health choice is allowing you to hold a grudge towards a friend, co-worker, family member, rather than forgiving and forgetting that individuals’ perceived transgression.

Beneath the surface of all the thousands of decisions we make every day on how to use our life energy is the simple truth.  Be aware of the choices you are making.  Day by day and choice by choice you simply decide on YOUR direction.

Begin today asking yourself the questions:

Where am I in terms of my personal health? What additional things could I actively do for prevention and maintenance for my body, mind and spirit?

See the big picture where are you headed with your health for the future?


The next step towards your better health is to understand the concept of self-talk. And the effects of our inner dialog. For more information I write about this subject in great detail in my book, SUCCESS IS AN INSIDE JOB, Hampton Roads Publishing.

That the words you use on a daily basic impact on you emotionally and your overall health.  Most of us do not understand the concept that we are a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, things you think and say about yourself come true. Most of us unconsciously believed that we can say negative things about ourselves, to ourselves. And those negative thoughts will have no effect on us or our future.

I would like to challenge you to experimenting with new strategies for expanding your personal power. And winning back absolute control of your life. This information can give you the confidence and courage to make positive changes that will affect your long-term health.  You don’t have to be a victim of life.  You have the power to change daily habits and create a healthier life.  However, you must be willing to accept total responsibility for changing your self-talk and the caliber of your thoughts about yourself and your potential.

Your brain is a computer. 

At birth our subconscious mind began to record every feeling, thought, and word that was spoken to you and by you.  You accepted, without question, whatever information your parents, teachers, and people in positions of authority told you.  Generally, all that information was given out of love.  However, keep in mind that these people were victims of others’ beliefs and circumstances. Science has proven new connections with the body and mind. The good news is that you have the power to override those limiting messages of past programming and beliefs.

The bottom line is that we are now the sum total of all the programming others have given us. Including the thoughts we have had about ourselves.  So our brain is designed to make sure we live out the programs installed.  The end result is that all those past images, thoughts and directions will influence your attitudes and every action you take today.  If you do not take personal responsibility for the nurturing, care, and feeding of your own subconscious mind, you will be manipulated and controlled by past programming and your current environment.

You have the power to train your mind to choose what you think.

And not allow random thoughts to hold you hostage.  Your goal is to become inner-directed and focused. So that you decide what you want to think, rather than having your thoughts and emotions determined by the world around you.  The untrained mind has more emotional ups and downs. Because it is reacting to random thoughts.

It is believed that 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts enter your mind every day.

It has also been suggested that 80 percent of your thoughts are negative on an average day. Can you imagine what your thoughts are like on a bad day?  Moreover, what effect do those negative thoughts have on your attitude, your creativity, and your passion for life?

One of the most important discoveries in human development today understands the role our own casual thinking plays in shaping our lives and destiny.  Historically we believed that thoughts were basically harmless bits of consciousness that held no substance or energy of their own.  Neuroscientists, medical researchers, and psychologists have proven that thoughts are electrical impulses, which trigger chemical activity in the brain.

When you think, you are giving your brain an electrical command, which responds by doing several things.  The brain initially reacts by releasing chemicals into the body and directs the central nervous system to take any required action

The brain functions precisely as it are designed by receiving, processing, storing, and then acting on the information it was fed.

Remember, like the earth, your brain does not discern what you plant. It will work just as hard to grow weeds. As it will beautiful flowers.  Our goal, with the skill of awareness, is to plant more beautiful, empowering thoughts. So we can reap a healthy, happy and more prosperous life.

Quite simply, we are self-fulfilling prophecies. Because the subconscious mind does not know the difference between factual reality and imagined reality.  If you think you are destined to be sick, overweight, below average, poor, unlucky in love, clumsy or even “not good at something,” you will take actions that make these thoughts become reality.   None of these thoughts are actually true. But thinking them creates beliefs and images in your mind reinforcing these negative statements until they actually become true for you.

Human beings are creatures of habit. 

Our past programming forms our patterns of thinking. It is sad but true. So the majority of our thoughts about ourselves hold us back from achieving the quality of life that is available to us.  So we are easily discouraged. Because while we want to make changes in our habits, we soon painfully find out that will power and wishful thinking does not work.

It is human nature to follow the path of least resistance. 

Accordingly, the mind also follows the habits of thought with the least resistance.  That is why the old powerful programs in your mind overwhelm the new programs you are trying to establish.  By taking charge of the caliber of information your feed your mind to create a new and more empowering program, you are literally creating a new path of least resistance for your mind to follow and operate from in the future.

Here is an example of when the subconscious mind is faced with making changes and now two programs are in conflict:

Let’s say you have been eating cookies and ice cream every night for three months. And you have gained weight.  You then decide you need to lose the extra weight. And pass on the fattening treats at night.  If you are human like the rest of us, you will find your will power is very weak. Therefore saying to yourself. “I’ll start my diet for sure on Monday morning.” Therefore you will find reasons to justify why you can indulge in the treats just one more more night. “This is a special occasion so it’s okay to eat.” “Well, I’ll just finish this last little bit so it won’t go to waste!”

Will power does not work. Because the subconscious mind will attempt to act on the program, which has the most power. 

In this case, the program that has the most power is the one to eat fattening foods every night.  Once you understand why you have not been successful making changes in your life, you can use a new strategy to modify your behavior that will match the new desired goal.

To empower yourself to change a habit for the long term, you have to give your mind a new program that is stronger and more powerful.   Your subconscious will immediately start to act on the new and stronger program.  Then it becomes a matter of your subconscious mind trying to decide which program offers the path of least resistance. It will simply pursue the program that has the most energy, the more specific direction and the one with the most power.

We are not powerless to change ourselves. 

It is a well-established fact that your subconscious mind will accept and attempt to act on any information you give it, if you tell it often enough and strongly enough.  The subconscious mind is a neutral machine, which responds to information without subjective regard for its value in truth or accuracy.  Repetition is the only secret you have to remember to overcome past programming.   The simple fact is the more often you present your subconscious mind with the same information, the more opportunities your subconscious mind will have to accept it.

To have perfect health we must change our self-talk. 

May I suggest that you try to give your body new messages to assist you in achieving the vitality, energy, excitement, fun and perfect health you are so entitled to in this lifetime.

The self-talk we want to program our mind with are statements known as Affirmations.  These terms come about because the word Affirmation means to make firm.  I prefer the term Declarations because I am declaring to myself, my subconscious, and to the world, what I am becoming.  Wishful thinking has no effect or power other than to serve as a source of frustration for you at not getting what you want.  When you declare you are going to do something, you are creating a new program in your mind, and with repetition and action, this clear intention allows you to manifest new outcomes in your life!

I must advise up front that you may have to ignore REALITY and pretend that these statements are true but I can assure you that since your subconscious mind does not know the difference its well worth the time to forget about your illness and remember you have the power to change ANYTHING.  Your self-talk will empower your mind to start a healing program that will in time become your new reality.  Hang in there and try these simply steps to creating a new self-image and a new picture of health in your mind.

The Formula For Making & Using Declarations Is Simple

Always use the present tense.   Example: “I am now in perfect health.  Instead of “I want to be…” or “I wish I were…”

  1. Make your Declarations in the positive, rather than affirming what you don’t want.  Example:  “I now awake on time bright and fresh,”  instead of “I no longer oversleep.”
  2. For more impact on your subconscious and to make them easier to remember, keep your Declarations short and simple.  Example:  “I am now patient and understanding with my family.”
  3. Use Declarations that feel positive, expanding, and supportive.  Only use declarations that feel right to you.
  4. Create Declarations that focus on the “new.”  Embrace a spirit of creating something new, rather than changing or resisting current reality.  Example:  “I enjoy the challenge of releasing unwanted weight.”
  5. Act as if your Declarations are true.  It is important to give yourself permission to believe your Declarations are true right now.  By allowing yourself to capture the feeling you’d experience with this new picture, you allow your mind to imprint a new and stronger picture on your subconscious mind.  This tool allows you to achieve your goals faster.
  6. Use Your Name in your Declaration whenever possible.  This helps your subconscious mind accept a new picture of who you are becoming.  Example:  “I, Your Name, am now healthier every day in every way.      When using Declarations, make sure that your new programs have emotional force behind them.  Emotion harnesses the extra energy you need to reprogram.  The words are not as important as your feelings.


  1. Two of the most powerful times for your subconscious mind to reprogram itself are before you get out of bed in the morning or just before you go to sleep at night.
  2. In your daily shower or bath.
  3. Driving in your car.
  4. Silently.   Focus on your positive Declarations to improve your mood and attitude, instead of just letting your mind wander aimlessly.
  5. Use your Declarations aloud throughout the day: while driving, dressing, exercising, and working around the house or yard.
  6. Put your Declarations on tape.  This gives your subconscious the opportunity to listen to your own voice.  Your voice is the most powerful voice to your subconscious.  I call these tapes “Self-Programming Commercials” The New Me.
  7. Write your Declarations.  Whenever you have any dead time, as in waiting for an appointment, write out a powerful Declaration 8 to 16 consecutive times.  Focus your attention on the meaning of the words and the feeling you get while writing.
  8. Post your most powerful and important Declarations in places where you will see them frequently.  Including your desk, your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, and/or the inside of your closet.

These Declarations will help you gain enough confidence to step out on your own and discipline yourself to feel your own power to create the perfect health, vitality and energy you want.

The Mind Likes Consistency!

I highly recommend you set up a 21-day regimen to create a new and positive habit whereby you dedicate the same time each day to your inner growth so that a rhythm develops.  For example, first thing in the morning just before you get up and become active is one of the most powerful times of the day, so make the most of it.  Remember, what your mind focuses on, expands and sets the tone for your day.   This is important in preventing yourself from being a reactor to life, letting the negative newspapers or radio and TV news determine your attitude for your day. 

Did you realize, that experts in this field agree that 70 percent of the news in your daily newspaper is negative or fearful information?  The really bad thing about this is that you don’t consciously realize how your feelings and emotions are being impacted. Your subconscious mind will absorb everything it is exposed to!  Instead of allowing your moods and emotions to be determined by the headlines, doesn’t it seem like a more intellectual strategy to have planned out several declarations that empower your long-term health.

Design your declarations to meet the needs of that day. 

This type of strategy allows you to use more of your potential and talents to deal with whatever you encounter.  Every day is a new opportunity to start your brain’s computer with programs that make you feel good and in control of your life.

The second time of day which you will find to be very powerful for programming your mind, is just before you go to sleep.  As you get comfortable and prepare yourself for sleep, begin repeating selected declarations to yourself, until you naturally fall asleep.  You will sleep better and awake in a better mood because you have installed information in your subconscious mind, which is healing and soothing.

Have you ever noticed when you go to bed angry or frustrated, that you tend to wake up with that same anger, or in a bad mood?  This is your classic example of “garbage in – garbage out.” The trick is to take charge of the caliber of information your brain settles on before you go to sleep.

Another place where you can use dead time to program yourself is in the shower. 

Start a wonderful ritual of saying your declarations out loud with great enthusiasm while enjoying your morning shower.  You can even sing them!  It is a safe place, and no one can hear you.

Yet another ideal place is while driving in your car.  The average person spends more than seven hours per week in their car.   This presents a prime opportunity for saying your declarations out loud or even silently to yourself.  By speaking in a deliberate or measured manner, the words you utter become symbols of your power.  You will start to view yourself as a directed person in control of your life.   It’s a great strategy for using dead time and guaranteeing your future by reprogramming your mind.

Examples Of Declarations

(It is important to insert your name in your Declaration whenever possible so your subconscious knows who you are taking about!)

  • I am NOW claiming perfect health, vitality and energy in my life.
  • I am NOW take full responsibility for my life and my thoughts.
  • NOW I am in control of my destiny and I am excited about the positive changes I am making in my life.
  • I am NOW loving and honor myself for who and what I am at this moment in time.
  • NOW I am forgiving and release myself from programming by others that do not serve me.
  • I am NOW choosing my future, rather than reacting to life.
  • NOW I am choosing the foods that empower my body.
  • NOW I am enjoying moving my body and exercising.
  • I am NOW enjoying a positive attitude.
  • NOW I am getting healthier and healthier daily.
  • I am NOW stronger and have more energy daily.
  • I am NOW enjoying perfect health.

Making any lasting change is not a one-stop process or overnight event because the brain is not designed to make sudden changes that will be permanent. 

Our brain is designed to follow patterns of habits and rules.  We did not develop negative habits in one day and we cannot rid ourselves of these negative habits in a single attempt. .

Ultimately, you have to accept 100 percent responsibility for your self and your future by controlling the caliber of information that you feed your brain’s computer. So it is futile to believe that other people or outside circumstances will take care of you.  If you search deeply in your heart, you know that only you will really take care of you.

Taking full responsibility for your thoughts and actions is the true dividing line between healthy and unhealthy people.  It is at the core of your success as an individual.  Being 100 percent responsible for yourself is essential to enjoying a long and healthy life.

One way to make progress in life is to first acknowledge what strategy we are currently using that is clearly not working. Take a moment now to think about what patterns or beliefs might be holding you back from enjoying great health?  Write down whatever thoughts or situations come to your mind.

We have to choose to give our brain’s computer new truths.  We must replace or override old programs that were not true, even in the beginning.

As babies we were not born with beliefs that hold us back from having the quality of life we really deserve.  We collected them like excess baggage.  We actually learned how to underestimate our talents, our strengths, and our potential. Some people actually expect to get certain illnesses just because someone in our family got them.  Be careful of what you expect!  It may come true.

By reinforcing any outdated beliefs, we are continuing to nurture them, making it harder for us to change our future.

You’ll remember the old saying, “This is the first day of the rest of your life.” Well, it’s true!  The past is a locked door.  No matter how hard you may try, you cannot go back and change it.   Your point of power is in the present. It is what you do with your present time and energy.  Your future is created by the thoughts and energy you use today.  It is always up to you to give yourself permission to stop talking about and thinking about what happened in the past.  Focus your mental, physical, and emotional life’s energy on what you are going to create in the future.

What your future will look like is totally dependent on what information and self-direction you give yourself with your self-talk.  It is a practiced skill to learn to be able to choose what thoughts come into your mind. Rather than be ruled by the thoughts that flow at random.  You must recognize that you have the power of control to master your inner dialogue.  To make your mind obey you rather than control you.  What an awesome feeling to realize that your future is up to you!  Your thoughts create your reality and your health!


The next step to assist you in creating perfect health is a process I like to call Virtual Reality.

It’s also called mental rehearsal, guided imagery, self-hypnosis, behavior modification, and scientists refer to it as imprinting.  I found that the bottom line is using your imagination. It is the workshop of the mind.  So everything man made had to be created in the mind before it could manifest into reality.

The best way to prepare for anything in life is to imagine success.  When you take the time to image in your mind what you want you actually create a new reference in your mind. Your imagination is your own personal workshop of the mind.  Therefore in it, you can see all the possibilities of the future and exactly how to go about creating those dreams.  You can rehearse the possibilities, and create plans, and visualize ways to succeed, all in the privacy of your mind.

Today, a growing variety of people use this powerful tool of Virtual Reality to create better lives for themselves.  Business people, athletes, teachers, physicians, psychotherapists, and even dieters find mental rehearsal very powerful.  The mind is far more resourceful and complicated than we have ever recognized. If you want to lose weight or start to exercise just start the game of seeing it in your mind and if you hold those pictures you will start to enact on them.

This tool Mental rehearsal of can help you reduce the effects of stressful situations like coping with difficult people, losing weight, quitting smoking, improving relationships. 

Both personal and professional, and perform better at sports.  All of these areas in your life can benefit from imagery.  It doesn’t matter what level your goals are on: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Mental rehearsal can improve motor skills and muscle memory.

Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the movie stars with a big box office draws said:   “The mind is the limit.  As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it. As long as you really believe 100 percent.”  He also said,  “I used weights to tone my body, but I used my mind to shape it.”

The power of mental rehearsal, backed by sincere commitment, has helped many cancer patients.

Dr. Carl Simonton, a Dallas oncologist, has pioneered an approach that reinforces standard medical treatment with mental imagery.  Dr. Simonton says that cancer patients can influence their immune systems to become more active in fighting the illness.  The patients practice visualizing the cancer as weak cells and visualize the body’s white blood cells as powerful strong cells hunting down the weak cells to kill them.  So by doing this three times each day, they create some type of either realistic or symbolic images to kill the cancer in their body.  One patient saw his good cells as a “pac man” eating all the cancer cells Dr. Simonton’s former patients have reported promising results with this technique.

Doctors say that because of biofeedback science, we can use mental rehearsal to change the rate of our heartbeat and other body functions by what we are feeling and thinking.  Our outer experience is directly connected to our inner experience. That is why Health truly is an inside job.

Counselors and therapists who recommend mental rehearsal say it is the true key to tap into your potential.  Their research reveals this. All of our skills are learned through the image-making process. Whether it’s driving a car. Reading a book. Or getting dressed.  You use your mind to picture the activity before you actually perform it.  Think of it like this. Your mind works like a movie projector. Screening an endless reel of memories, daydreams, and scenes of situations both real and imagined.  So you have the power to direct your movie projector. Therefore you reach your desired goals.

So take the time to nurture yourself.

And create a virtual reality in your mind of what you want to create for your long term health your nervous system reacts to mental images in the same way it reacts to images from the external world. So the nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a real experience.  I would like to give you a couple of examples to prove this point.  Have you ever been in a state of mind where your mind was just wandering? And you started to remember a time that you really were embarrassed?  You started to remember all the things that happened. And how you felt.  The more you thought of this situation, the faster your heart started to beat. So your armpits started to sweat.  You relived the emotions of that long-past situation.

This occurs because the subconscious and nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined situation and the real thing!  That is why you suffered stress again over an event in the past.

Thoughts are our most powerful tools.  We can create a rich life filled with perfect health, love, rewarding work, satisfying relationships, financial prosperity, inner peace, and harmony.

We are always creating our reality from our thoughts.  Our thoughts act like blueprints of the image we want to create.  The image magnetizes and guides the physical energy to flow into the form we have imagined and allows us to manifest our desires into reality.   This is simply the principle that as you sow, so shall you reap, in your thoughts and in your life.

We always attract into our lives whatever we strongly believe, think about, or imagine most vividly. 

So it pays to use our mental rehearsal to visualize the health you want, the vitality, the fun, energy and excitement you want in your life. So keep in mind there are no limits except the limits you put on yourself.  You have the power through your thoughts and imagination, to break through any barriers holding you back from a healthy life.

Please do not confuse using mental rehearsal with daydreaming or fantasizing.  So although both involve the use of your imagination, it’s only when you commit to yourself to a goal that you can truly take advantage of the power within you to create your health.  Daydreams and fantasies are usually unrealistic thoughts that we really don’t expect to actually happen or have little investment in, such as winning the lottery or marrying a movie star.

It’s important to point out that mental imagery is not a method of self-deception.

It is one of the strongest tools known to date for self-direction and tapping into your potential.  Therefore by becoming the star, director, editor and writer of the picture of your life, you are synthesizing the experience of your success in your mind.  In a nutshell, mental training is simply a way of reprogramming the mind. So you achieve more positive behaviors, feelings, and results.”

The more you practice using Mental rehearsal, the better your brain can become at directing what happens in your daily life. This allows you to be in more control of your experiences.  Therefore by using Mental rehearsal, we can create a state of awareness in which we are not using our logical, linear, or analytical thinking in our experiences, but instead are actually experiencing through feeling.

Basic Steps for Using Mental Rehearsal

First, if you think of the mind as a computer, you will want to program this computer correctly.  The best way to begin using the power of mental rehearsal is to first get your computer into the correct mode for programming.  So this correct mode is to be deeply relaxed both in body and mind.  It’s only when you are relaxed that your mind will open to fresh ideas and new techniques.   When your mind and body are deeply relaxed, your brain actually becomes slower, this slower state is known as the alpha state.

Research in this area has found that for the practical purposes of using mental rehearsal during this relaxed time, our subconscious records new programs more effectively.  Two of the most effective times to use mental rehearsal are as you awaken in the morning. While your mind and body are very relaxed and receptive, and at night just before sleeping.  Experts also agree that having your body in a position so the spine is straight will help you come into the alpha state faster.  You can also do this by sitting in a comfortable chair, in a quiet place in the middle of the day, to relax and renew yourself by playing your own mind’s movies.

The second step for effective mental rehearsal is having clearly defined goals  of whatever you would like to have or create in your life. 

You must have the faith and belief that you can realize your goal.

The third step is to create a mental picture as if the goal were already yours; act as if the picture were real today, not some time in the future.  Be sure to fill in the small details of the sights, colors, smell, and textures and feelings; the more realistic the detailing the better. If you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste your goal, your picture will be that much clearer and will work that much better.  The more realistic the images, the better the results.

Imagine yourself with the goal or in the situation, as you desire.  Do not reinforce negative pictures.  It’s very important to see what you want so you imprint the new pictures in your subconscious mind.

The fourth step is to focus on your mental picture as often as possible.  Do this at least twice a day for five to ten minutes each time for 21 days.  Research has proven that it takes a minimum of 21 days to effect any perceptible change in a mental image.  It only takes three weeks for an old mental image to dissolve and a new mental image to form.

By clearly focusing on what you want to create, this new image becomes an integral part of you. You start to live as if you’ve already achieved the goals.

My favorite quote of all time is from Helen Keller.

“The greatest tragedy in life is people who have sight but no vision.” 

One of the secrets of success is to not work so hard with your physical sweat; instead use your mind to work out the details of how to be the person you want to be.  The difference between average people and outstanding people is the degree of motivation within them.  Are you motivated to spend ten minutes a day envisioning the future you want to create for yourself?  By deliberately creating positive pictures in your mind, you can allow the power of healing that is within you to become a reality.

In this program I have given you some tools that will change the quality and of your life and health.  Dare to break away from the old, and create an exciting and healthy future for yourself. You do have the power within you to be healthier and happier.  No one can do it for you.  This is your responsibility.

For more information about other educational resources that I offer please visit or call my office, Lee Milteer Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA.

In closing I would like to share with you that you have power to enjoy a healthy, vital, joyful life if you care for your body, mind and spirit.

Your point of power is this very minute in time.  Take action with your life and do the things that uplift and heal you.

God Bless You. Best Wishes.

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