Sports Chiropractor For Sports Injuries

As an athlete, you may already know that injuries are a part of the game and they can occur in any sport. Strains, sprains, and stress can all be relieved through chiropractic treatments. All without relying on medications. Most sports teams are equipped with an experienced chiropractor to help their team members treat and prevent potential severe injuries. From pulled muscles to sprains and strains, most common sports injuries can be treated by a Sports Chiropractor.

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Five most common injuries that a sports chiropractor can help you with

Chiropractors, in most cases, can help you recover faster from your sports injuries without drugs and medications. While there are several types of injuries, these are the most common ones that athletes seek help for.

1. Sprains and strains

Ankle and wrist sprains are the most common sprains amongst athletes. They occur when ligaments are stretched or torn. So when a sprain occurs, you may be unable to move your joint and even start noticing swelling and bruising. Whereas strains occur when a muscle or tendon is torn. Similar to strains, you may find it difficult to move the muscle and notice painful swelling or spasms right away.

2. Knee injuries

Amongst active athletes, knee injuries are a recurrent problem. Knees can be severely injured. Therefore causing pain on the sides of your knees and tendinitis or even bruising to the bone.

3. Swollen muscles

Compartment syndrome or swollen muscles can be caused due to a severe injury. If not treated in time, it may lead to permanent muscle damage.

4. Dislocations

When bones from a particular joint are become separated due to high-impact sports, they can cause dislocations and it is extremely painful. This could lead to swelling and nerve damage as well.

5. Stress fractures

When in sports, fractures are almost inevitable. Repetitive impact on bones can lead to a stress fracture. If the pain is not treated in time, it worsens. Then the athlete bears weight on the fractured area.

How Does A Sports Chiropractor Help?

Athletes and active people are often at higher risk of the above-mentioned injuries. An experienced chiropractor can help you remove this tension, better your motion, and injury prevention. With the right adjustments, your chiropractor can help instill natural motion in your body. Here are some of the ways a chiropractor can help people engaged in sports or physical activities:

  1. Pain relief: When you seek right chiropractic care, it can almost immediately and effectively help relieve aches, pains, and soreness. It doesn’t always have to be about seeking treatment for severe injuries, instead, regular visits to your chiropractor can mitigate soreness and stiffness caused due to straining your body.
  2. Injury prevention. So sports injuries can cause intense pain. But if you knew your body better you could prevent a lot of them. Regular visits to your chiropractor can encourage increased flexibility and range of motion in your joints. Therefore fewer chances of being hurt.
  3. Alternative treatments: As an athlete, you would want to reduce your dependency on medication and drugs for pain. With alternative treatment options, your chiropractor will be able to cure you of the severe pain without depending on medications.
  4. Adjust your body: Chiropractors are experienced and trained in helping you deal with sports injuries. They can find the source of your injury and can help adjust your body in accordance with it. So chiropractic care is not just about the injured area. But it also focuses on the whole body. They’ll help you fix irregularities and help relieve your pain effectively.

Visit Your Local Sports Chiropractor

As an active athlete, it’s highly recommended to visit your chiropractors regularly. They will assess your body and create treatment plans that will improve your well-being.

If you would like to be checked out or have a family member evaluated, give us a call at 215-343-3223. Or Contact Us here. We have been serving the Hatboro / Horsham PA area since 2001. Thank you for reading.

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