Proper Sitting Posture Techniques

 Posture Tips Transcript Below for Hearing Impaired

Hey, everybody. Gene here from Horsham PA. One of my patients asked about sitting posture tips. I’m going to go over that with you. Then Keith here is going to go over a great standing posture tip. So with sitting posture, this chair is not perfect to demonstrate this because it’s got a little bit of a lumbar curve. But some of the best chairs are the ones that go straight up. So here’s how you’re going to fit any straight chair for you. You’re going to sit down, and you’re going to put this part of your spine all the way to the back.

Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to grab yourself a towel. You’re going to roll up some of it. And you’re going to shove it as far down as you can to give you that lumbar support and sit straight up. Notice that my back is not touching the chair. You’re having to have to play with the size of how much lumbar support you need. Some people might need more or less. But just play with it with a towel, and then you’re going to push it all the way down and you’re sitting straight up. So my back’s not touching, I’m balancing all on my spine and using my muscles. Then what you do is get yourself some scissors. Cut that towel and duct tape it, and that’s going to be your lumbar support.

Now Keith’s going to show you a really good posture reset for standing.

So, guys, after the last two snow days and shoveling and pushing your snow blower. A lot of our posture is starting to struggle here. So we’re slouching. You’re bored at home. We’re sitting on the couch. We’re watching TV. I know I’ve been watching a lot of Vikings. So what we’ve got to do here is we’re going to try to reset that posture to get ourselves back on track, decompress. A nice way to reset your posture at home. At your job right now if you guys are watching live from work, is this: I want you to stand tall here. I want you to shrug your shoulders up. Turn your palms out this way here. Slide the shoulders back. Let them drop. This is where your shoulders should be, and unfortunately a lot of us are doing this here.

So just to recap. So you’re going to shrug your shoulders up. Turn your palms out away from you, slide the shoulders back, drop them down. That’s where I want your shoulders to be over the weekend and that’s what I want you to get in the habit of doing going forward.


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