Best Piriformis Stretch to Relieve Sciatic Pain

If you are sitting a lot, maybe working from home, watch this video. This Piriformis Stretch will help relieve and prevent Back Pain and Sciatica. Enjoy!

One of the main reasons that I find problems with the sciatic nerve besides lumbar herniated disc is the piriformis muscle. The piriformis muscle is a deep muscle that runs through the buttocks area of the spine. When the piriformis muscle spasms, because the sciatic nerve runs through it, it will cause pain down the leg. So properly stretching the piriformis is very, very important. And the stretch we’re about to show right now is really one of my favorite stretches for that piriformis muscle.

Piriformis Stretch Instructions

So this one’s a little hard to get at first, but it’s definitely not an advanced stretch. And everybody should be doing this one. So would you, we’re gonna start on your back obviously. And you’re gonna cross one leg over. Now when you cross the leg over, there’s a little triangle. So sort of a hole in there. What you’re gonna do is reach one leg, arm through the hole, and one arm on the other side. Then you’re gonna grab your leg. I like getting to the front. And you’re just gonna bring this in towards you. So what you’re stretching is this muscle, right in through here.

Using the Leg as a Lever

So what you’re using is this leg, sort of as a lever. So if for whatever reason you can’t really reach through there, you can, again, you can grab the strap. Then you can just use this and do a one legged. But I think most of you should be able to advance to the two legs. So again, you’re going to bring this here, one arm through the hole. Then one on the outside and grab the front of your shin. Then bring it in. So you’re gonna have to fidget with it a little bit until you get that stretch right through there.

Best Piriformis Stretch to Relieve Sciatic Pain

Hope you tried this piriformis stretch and and felt better. If you are still experiencing back pain and would like to be checked out, please call us at 215-343-3223 or Contact Us Here.

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