Did you know Chronic neck pain is one of the most common causes of disability across the nation. You need neck pain solutions if that is you.

Hey. This is Dr. Gene with Genesis Chiropractic here.

We are talking today about neck pain and proper neck alignment and neck pain solutions.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Your neck can be out of alignment or position for a number of reasons. There are lots of different stresses in our lives. Perhaps, you have poor posture when working at your computer or when you are asleep. Well, over time these practices will cause your neck’s curvature to change. In turn, this weakens your muscles and thus exhibits itself through chronic pain.

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Why is Neck Alignment Important?

Why is proper alignment so important? A properly aligned neck curve and posture are vital to keeping your body fit and healthy. Here are the 3 reasons why you want to make sure your neck is aligned properly.

One – Your spine has three distinctive curves – with one of them being in your neck. If any of these curves are misaligned it can affect your nerve energy flow from your brain to your limbs and organs. This can lead to symptoms that impact your health and your day-to-day life.

Two – when your neck curve is in the ideal posture it acts as a shock absorber and can prevent tissue damage if there is trauma. However, if you have an abnormal curve then you are at risk of greater injury. An aligned neck and spine not only allows for a healthier body but it also protects you from potential future problems.

Three – When your neck is out of alignment that can lead to stiffness, pain, or headaches. If this becomes chronic it can even lead to what I call nursing home posture when your head is so far forward that it becomes much more difficult to fully fix.

How Do We Diagnose and create Neck Pain Solutions?

Now say you have neck pain and want to know what’s causing it. Here’s how we can figure that out and begin to diagnose the root cause.

It starts with a full consultation where we gather your health history and talk about your lifestyle so we can begin to get clues as to what’s causing the pain. We will evaluate your posture to see if there are imbalances.

Next we do a specific exam to check the motion in each joint in your spine to narrow down which part of your neck is not functioning optimally.

Typically, the next step for most doctors would be to do a standard x-ray with you standing still. But we live in motion. So I’ve been trained in a type of x-ray called the digital motion x-ray. This has become the gold standard, and this is crucial to get the best outcome. See when you move each bone should also move. If I can see under x-ray that a bone is NOT moving, I’ll know IF can help you and equally important I’ll know HOW to help you.

How Do We Fix Neck Pain?

How do we fix neck pain? Here’s the steps we take generally with a patient.

We will generally target three areas.

First, we need your neck in proper alignment. We need all of the bones in your neck to be moving and we need to get the curve in your neck as close to ideal as possible.

Secondly, we need to make sure you have the proper posture. You need to have proper posture not just standing but also while you’re working, while you’re lifting things, while you exercise, and while you go through life. When we look at correcting posture we are going to look at your posture both when you are standing still and while you are moving and begin to retrain you so you can maintain proper posture without thinking about it.

And lastly, we will prescribe exercises and stretches customized uniquely based on what we find with x-ray and with posture analysis for long term success with fixing neck pain.

Hopefully this helps you today. Your next steps are simple. Call our office. One of our awesome team members will explain our easy scheduling process and answer any other questions.

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