How to Live to 100…Five Simple Rules to Follow

Our bodies are designed to live easily into our 100s. Further, we are not supposed to wither away and deteriorate. We are designed to live healthy and happy lives and then just die. There is not supposed to be a decades long process where everything falls apart and we suffer.

Here are Five Simple Rules to follow to not only get you to 100…but to get you there healthily.

Now I know Simple is not Easy. And we are busy right? Well, I am going to GIVE you more years if you do these Five Simple (but not easy) things consistently. You’re not too busy to live longer are you?

Ok so The Number One Rule is: Slow Down!

This is one I’ve been reading more and more about over the last year or so and I am working really hard at incorporating it into my life. Ironic I have to work hard to rest. Anyway, our bodies need rest. Our bodies DO need stress, but it is during the rest phase where we grow. So for me, one thing I have been adding into my life is completely shutting off everything every Sunday. That’s right. No phone. No email. And no work! I have this scheduled and that way I’m getting at least one rest day per week

Number Two Rule is Eat until you are 80% Full:

Japan has the world’s highest proportion of centenarians and the world’s longest life expectancies. And MOST importantly: the most years of healthy, disability-free living. There is a saying to eat until you are 80% full. In fact they say, you’ll actually feel more satisfied. The feeling of fullness takes 15 minutes to reach your brain. So eating until you are 80% full will leave you more satisfied and not stuffed.

The Number Three Rule to Live to 100 (to become a centenarian) is to Move:

Besides just common sense, major studies have come out in the last 10-15 years about the dangers of sitting. It slows down our metabolism and puts us into a sort of hibernation mode. Then our muscles shut down and our circulation slows. This is part of the basis of what we do in our office every day: getting our patients’ joints and bodies to move easily so you can move more and more.

Number Four: Live – Don’t Retire:

We need purpose to live. I’m not saying work your 9 to 5 job forever…but G

olfing from 65 to 100, unless you’re Tiger Woods, isn’t going to give you the purpose in your life to keep moving forward. Retiring is not part of my life’s equation at any point. I will be doing something meaningful and productive for as long as I can.

And the Number Five Rule, and one I personally need to work on the most, is to find Connection:

live to 100 - genesis chiropractic horsham

Finding and sharing belongingness with the right group of like-minded people.

No, liking your cousin’s cat pictures on Facebook doesn’t count here. As humans we are wired to share life experiences and connect with others. Who you associate with will make major impact on you. Make sure you take time and work hard to make meaningful connections.

So post below, What are you going to add into your life to give yourself some more quality years?

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