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Chiropractor near Warrington PA Dr. Gene Fish Explains Chiropractic & Direct Benefits to Your Health


Hello, my name is Doctor Gene Fish of Genesis Chiropractic Clinic in Horsham (near Warrington PA). This video was made to share with you today my philosophy, and my basic understanding of what chiropractic is. And to answer the question: “Who would benefit the most from seeing a chiropractor?”

So, I realized that a lot of people in Warrington have actually associated chiropractors with fixing their back pain, neck pain, for auto accident treatment, headaches, sciatica, disc bulges. And the truth of it is, partly because chiropractic just works so well for all these treatments, that it’s become synonymous with them. But if you’re going to a chiropractor to fix some pain, honestly, it’s likely to go well. But that’s just the initial layer of what chiropractic can do for your overall health.

Today I really wish to help people understand more about the underlying philosophy we have, and how it can impact your overall health. That’s my goal today.

Real quick, a brief intro about myself. I’m the clinic founder of Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, right here in Horsham and Warrington, PA. Besides my clinic, I am the associate chiropractor for the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team. Basically, I get to work alongside Doctor Neil Liebman, who’s one of the country’s top chiropractors. I’m able to learn and practice all my techniques on all the athletes. Also, the physical therapists and trainers will all sometimes get adjusted. And I get to pick some of the brains of some of the best physicians in the country, some of the best trainers in the country, and bring some of what they do to our practice here in Horsham and Warrington.

Schooling-wise, I went to Palmer College of Chiropractic, which is the first, and still the best, chiropractic college in the world, and I’ve traveled basically up and down the country doing all kinds of seminars, and I pride myself on constantly learning, improving, and keeping my patients ahead of the health curve.

My purpose for having this presentation today is basically to relate to residents in Warrington what chiropractic is, what it isn’t, and what you can realistically expect from a chiropractic office.

I know that some of you watching this video have already begun chiropractic here as new patients. There’s also some watching that are prospective patients, those interested in learning more, and possibly becoming a chiropractic patient, and want to know more about the details of this office, so I’d like to welcome you all to my presentation.

Before we begin, I just want to make really clear that my purpose today is not to try and talk you in to becoming a chiropractic patient. In fact, probably more specifically, I’m interested in talking you out of becoming a patient. At least for the opinions that you currently have about chiropractic care.

So we’ve found that people that start without a basic understanding of what we do might have misconceptions, and don’t really get the best out of our treatments. So I really feel that people who better understand chiropractic are just going to benefit much greater with our care. We definitely invite you to be in as a patient, but for the right reasons. Anyway, let’s begin.

Health care costs are on the increase, and yet, health is not increasing. Life expectancy actually recently dropped. And the potency of disease is often so powerful that they can no longer be treated. Plus, millions of Americans are shut out of the health care system. So what can be done? And what can you do?

This presentation is about answers.

It’s about chiropractic and what you can expect from your Warrington chiropractor. Did you realize that by the time our kids are aged 12, they’ve seen a hundred thousand drug commercials? Do you really think that drugs fix problems? No, they mask symptoms, but do not always get to the cause. Sometimes when a nerve is pinched or crimped for a short time, it brings immediate pain. A warning system goes on that something is wrong. People look in to fixing it immediately, and it’s usually a quick fix, which is drugs. We do look for the quick fix.

So, for example, let’s say you had an emergency, and something was very wrong with your car, and a warning light popped up. You wouldn’t just put a black piece of tape on it and keep on driving, right? I guess it depends whose car it is, but of course not. It would blow up eventually. But when it comes to our bodies. We are taught to take drugs. That’s not the answer, Warrington!

If you have pain in your body, it’s actually a warning signal that you are about to blow up.

The drug industry is going to mask the symptom, and the problem is basically going to just get worse. Then you might have to have surgery, or a disease. The drug companies basically are creating more problems, almost to sell more drugs. So at this point, in order to really understand what chiropractic is, let’s get a basic understanding of what health is.

For a complete definition of health, let us go to the World Health Organization. It tells us that health is a condition of optimum physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease. Now that’s very different from what most people think. I used to question my patients about what they thought health was. And most would reply that health is not having to take medication; health is not having symptoms; health is feeling good. So as you can see, that’s only a very small part of what health actually is. Our Warrington PA patients have experienced this for themselves.

As an example, you can actually have cancer, but not feel any symptoms.

Another example is a fever. If your body detects an infection, it’ll cause your body’s temperature to rise, just to help to kill off the invading infection. So the fever doesn’t really feel good, but it’s actually a healthy response. So you see, there’s actually a greater dimension to health than merely the absence of disease, and absence of symptoms. Yet we were taught to see a doctor when we feel bad. And stop when we feel good. And this is just a very dangerous behavior, and attitude to hold, regarding health. The key to the health formula is function.

Gray’s Anatomy states that the purpose of the brain and nerve system is to control and coordinate the function of other tissues, organs, and systems of the body. And to relate and adapt the body to its environment. So we see that the responsibility for the correct function lies, not with drugs and surgery, positive attitudes, luck, diet, or scores of other activities, whether they are good or bad in your opinion. But rather, it lies with the brain and nerve system. That means if your brain and nerve system are working perfectly, allowing all the parts of your body to function 100% of the time, you would truly be healthy. You would then truly have a condition of optimum physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Science has discovered a condition known as the vertebral subluxation complex, which in the most widespread interference known today to your nervous system, and therefore, to the functioning of your body, forcing you to have less than optimum physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and allowing your body to become a fertile ground for disease.

Chiropractic is the science of locating these subluxations.

It is the art of eliminating them. Therefore allowing a return of function and better health to your body, and giving you better physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and allowing your body to become stronger in its effort to rid itself of disease. Chiropractic is also a way of living. It’s a philosophy of life and health that recognizes that health comes from within. That you were born to be healthy.

There is, within every living thing, an innate, or meaning inborn, intelligence. If allowed to express itself without interference, is going to accomplish, exactly right every time, its purpose for living. So nature needs no help. It just needs no interference to unfold its genetic promise for 100% life health, and harmonious relationships.

As an example, let me ask you this Warrington residents. Have you ever cut yourself? Of course! And what happened? It healed, right? So your body does have the ability to heal itself. Yes, as long as there’s not an interference to that mechanism.

Your brain is like the central computer system of your body.

It controls and coordinates every function of your body. And it sends messages up and down your body with a series of highly complex, and integrated wires which we call nerves. And these nerves branch to reach every single cell in the body, transmitting information to and from the brain. Now protecting your spinal cord, and the spinal nerve routes, the body built what’s called the spinal column, which is a series of 24 small, moveable bones that are stacked one on top of the other. Cushions of cartilage known as discs are between them. The discs serve two purposes. One, to separate the bones from each other, and two, to keep the nerve openings between each spinal bone open, so that the bones don’t interfere with the nerve transmission between the brain and the body.

Now, because the spine protects the spinal cord and nerve routes, we must be sure that the spine is kept properly aligned and functioning normally so that it will not cause interference to these messages transmitted between the brain and the body. Any interference to the information coming from the brain produces malfunction, disease, and shortened life expectancy.

Chiropractors are concerned with the most common interference between the control centers of the brain, and the cells of your body.

The subluxation is a condition where the bones of the spine malfunction, causing interference to the nerve system between the control centers of the brain and the cells of your body. This causes malfunction, and lack of 100% health, leading to less than optimum physical, mental, and social wellbeing. This condition must be detected and eliminated as soon as possible. Allowing everyone an increased opportunity to function better, and to heal more effectively, to prevent problems, and to achieve the greatest degree of physical, mental, and social wellness possible.

There is actually a really fascinating study. A medical doctor named Henry Windsor performed the study. So what he did was, he took 131 cadavers that died of just multiple causes. So take, for example, heart disease. He would then trace the heart nerve back to the spinal column. And, interestingly enough, he found that in 129 of the 131 cases, the cause of death in that cadaver was also the area where the spine had the most damage. So in other words, Doctor Windsor gave us basically a very interesting formula. If you damage the spine, you’ll damage the nerve system and negatively affect the way the body functions.

Now lets take a little bit of a closer look at what a subluxation actually looks like.

The first component of a subluxation is a loss of the normal motion and position of the bones of the spine. So this can cause a restriction on your ability to turn and bend, and usually in areas of restricted motion, you’re going to have areas that compensate by becoming excessively mobile. Sometimes you can feel bones in the spine making popping noises when they move. These bones are probably what we call hypermobile.

The second component of the subluxation is nerve interference. Due to improper motion and position, the bones of the spine can actually rub, pinch, or choke these delicate nerves. So this can impair the function of the nerve tissues, the organs, and all the systems controlled by these nerves. And this is what we call compression.

This brings us to our third component of the subluxation, which is muscle imbalance. Muscles can actually go into spasm in order to protect the nerve system and the spine by immobilizing it. Next, we begin to see changes in the soft tissue. Ligaments can actually become stretched or torn, and the disc can begin to degenerate. Not the problem begins to produce permanent nerve damage.

Let’s look at he cause of subluxation.

Misalignments of the spine can actually begin as early as birth. There can be a great deal of twisting stress in the spine.

Then we encounter many subluxations in our childhood years. We have falling, wrestling with other kids, wrenching our necks, and severely twisting our limbs, and other incidents too numerous to mention, can all contribute to misalignments of the spine.

Then we enter our teenage years weakened, occasionally sick, and severely subluxated as a result of these weaknesses. We can compound the problems with traumatic sports that teenagers play, with driving, with the sudden jerks and stops, and with poor posture in the classrooms.

Then we encounter the stresses of adulthood.

The stresses of anger and irritation. Environmental pollution from the air and water that we drink, from the foods we eat, and we can also look at improper physical posture and fatigue.

Most patients consult a Warrington chiropractic office with some type of pain, usually related to the back or neck, even though our main interest in the spine is as an entry point to affecting the nerve system and total body functioning. Remember, the job of your chiropractor is to correct and manage the vertebral subluxation complex, thereby allowing your nerve system to be free of interference, and more able to control and coordinate the billions of functions that happen in your body.

In conclusion, people consult chiropractors basically for three reasons.

First, treatment of a specific problem, and then they discontinue care. Second, some people will want treatment of a problem, and ongoing care to prevent it to from returning. And finally, we have those that come in for wellness care. It is designed to ensure your body and your family optimal physical, mental, and social wellbeing, or health.

Thank you for allowing us to introduce these new and important concepts to you. Call us if you have any questions.

We have been Proudly serving Warrington PA since 2001.

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Our Patients Speak…

warrington pa patient

My name is Scott Gift.My hometown is Warrington PA, which is right near this office.  Currently I work as an engineer for Penn State’s Applied Research Laboratory.I enjoy working with computers, working outdoors in scouting, and just in general having a good time. 

I have lower back pain. At least once a year I was not able to walk correctly due to an injury with my lower back. My fears were being stuck in a wheelchair, if I couldn’t get help for my back.I would look in the mirror and say “You’re not hurt.” And then go back out to the world. 

After treatment, I’m better now. I view chiropractic as a long lasting correction.

I highly recommend people come in and try out Genesis Chiropractic near Warrington PA.It has helped me through many situations where I have had to crawl into his office and then I could walk out and I would be good for the next day.