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Meet Gene Fish, D.C.

Realigning your body, restoring functional movement, and getting you back to your everyday life.

Dr. Gene Fish smiling and wearing a blue polo neck
Dr. Gene Fish grew up with health as a top priority. From a young age, he recalls seeing how health impacts day-to-day living more than anything else. This became even more evident when he was bedridden for 14 months with a serious injury. He was passed around from office to office and was unhappy with the quality of care he received. However, Dr. Gene Fish saw for himself how much chiropractic helped people.

Our chiropractor in Horsham, PA set off on his new career and graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He then furthered his knowledge and skill through becoming Chiropractic BioPhysics certified. To the benefit of his patients, Dr. Gene Fish continues to employ many of the ground-breaking techniques available through BioPhysics.

Dr. Gene Fish is now the Associate Chiropractor for the Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Team. His experience treating elite professional athletes brings him knowledge he can apply directly to his patients’ treatment plans. Observing the progression of the Sixers’ training staff and their warm-up and stretching routines over the years helps him deliver vital and new information about stretching and exercising to his patients. Hence his patients will always get the most modern treatments.

At our office, we employ Dr. Gene Fish’s thorough and caring approach as we help all people regain hope in their lives and relief from pain.

His Credentials

Why trust Dr. Fish?
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy, Pennsylvania State University
  • Certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics
  • Owner of Genesis Chiropractic Clinic since 2001
  • Associate Chiropractor for the Philadelphia 76ers
Dr. Gene Fish - Associate Chiropractor for the Philadelphia 76ers

Our Dedicated Team

Guiding you back to health.

Learn more about Keith.

Keith smiling with long hair and his red phyiso top
Keith smiling with long hair and his red phyiso top

Keith - Functional Movement Specialist

I reside in Hatboro, PA, but think I am destined to be back in Ireland. I’ve been a fitness trainer for over ten years and have worked in a variety of health and fitness roles.

At Genesis I work individually with our patients and program routines involving exercises and stretches specifically designed for each patient’s needs. I work hands-on throughout the treatment process correcting posture, assisting with at-home routines, and helping rebuild the cervical (neck) and spinal curvatures of those who need corrections. And I also help those looking for strength building, weight loss, and balance improvements.

Often I tell people: “your goals become my goals”. Most of all I genuinely care about the health and wellness of people and want to help everyone function properly. I’m a very determined, high energy, and active person. I want to share these traits with my patients and help them be free from pain and injury.

My reward is seeing the genuine happiness on patients’ faces when they begin to feel and function better. I am always honest and realistic but will be by your side as much as I can. I really thrive on assisting patients, and as a result, reach their goals.

Away from the office, I live a simple life with my wife and our two dogs. I enjoy working out, traveling, and the occasional bourbon. I am a sports enthusiast and used to wrestle professionally.

What is on your bucket list? To attend Wrestlemania.

What is your spirit animal? A lion.

Who is someone you admire a lot? A person of interest I admire is Tom Brady. Someone who even at the tail end of his career is still looking to improve. Someone who is the greatest ever making changes to his game to play at a higher level. He is someone not satisfied with championships and continues each season to win more.

Functional Movement Specialist

Learn more about Jessica.

Jess wearing glasses and her Genesis Chiropractic Clinic uniform
Jess wearing glasses and her Genesis Chiropractic Clinic uniform

Jessica - Case Manager

I grew up in Oreland, PA and I am the youngest of four children. I am very close with my family and love to see them whenever I can. Before working at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic I had worked in a variety of positions within retail and administration. As a result of my experience within these industries. I have learned very helpful skills towards my role here at Genesis.

I pursued a career in a chiropractic office because I like to connect with people and make them feel comfortable. Therefore I particularly enjoy seeing how we can make such a difference in someone’s day-to-day life without the use of medications or surgery. The improvements that our patients feel is a privilege to see and be a part of.

In my spare time, I enjoy being with friends and family, reading, and watching movies.

Who is your hero? I really look up to Lauryn Evarts. Lauryn is a lifestyle blogger based in San Diego who has built her life from the ground up and goes out of her way to provide her readers with all of the tools she has picked up along the way.

What is on your bucket list? Skydiving.

What is your spirit animal? A dolphin. They are intuitive and intelligent yet peaceful and strong.

Case Manager

Learn more about Michelle.

Michelle smiling with blue hair and her uniform
Michelle smiling with blue hair and her uniform

Michelle - Front Desk

Here at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, I am in charge of the billing and scheduling. I love getting to know each person that comes in and seeing them get better and feel relief. So I genuinely care for all patients and do my best to make your experience in our office the best part of your day. I firmly believe in what we do here and know how the benefits of chiropractic are endless. And Dr. Gene Fish even helped me!

I love helping people and finding solutions to make their scheduling easy. I’ll assist with therapies and always be there during the treatment process. There’s one thing you can guarantee when you walk into our office: I am the first one to greet you, and I’ll give you 100%, with a smile on my face.

Outside of the office, I like spending time with my family and my dogs. I enjoy going to concerts and dancing. I’m adventurous and always looking for something exciting to do.

Front Desk & Scheduling

Learn more about Lauren.

Lauren smiling with blue hair and her uniform
Lauren smiling with blue hair and her uniform

Lauren - Chiropractic Assistant

I live in Langhorne, PA with my Fiance and my daughter Hunter.

At the office I help Dr. Fish coordinate patient flow throughout the office and assist with all therapies to ensure an efficient and effective experience. I have always been interested in healthcare, and it’s a privilege to see the amazing work we do and how it makes an extraordinary difference in our patients lives.

I am passionate about what we do here, and I am happy to assist with the treatment process.

Outside of the office I enjoy getting together with my family and friends, spending time outdoors, and reading.

Who is your hero? My Mom is my hero. Her strength, wisdom, and love of life have helped me to become the person I am. She is the perfect example of what a mother should be.

What is on your bucket list? To vacation in Australia.

What is your spirit animal? A wolf.

Chiropractic Assistant

Why Choose Us?

Delivering measurable results so you can enjoy your life once again.

Custom Treatment Plans

We know everyone is different so there is not a treatment that is one-size fits all. By identifying the underlying cause of your pain, Dr. Gene Fish is able to develop a unique treatment path designed to specifically solve your individual condition.

Full Disclosure

Being fully informed goes hand-in-hand with feeling confident in the treatment we provide. So Dr. Fish and our team explain everything we do before we do it. We check-in with you and make sure you feel comfortable and understand why we follow a certain treatment plan.

Long-Term Solutions

Many people visit chiropractors and just get a quick adjustment but then feel the same pain a few days or weeks later. Our commitment is to your future health, so we strive to create measurable, long-term pain relief. No temporary fixes but real sustainable results!

State-of-the-art Technology

Providing successful and accurate treatment is top of our list at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic. Therefore, we employ the use of state-of-the-art corrective equipment and advanced healthcare techniques. When you visit our office, you’ll enjoy a combination of modern design with at-home comforts for a well-rounded experience.

Here are some of the technologies we use:

  • Digital Motion Study X-rays
  • Flexion Tables (for alignment and adjustments)
  • Denneroll Posture Correction
  • Myovision DynaRom (Injury Assessment)

We look forward to welcoming you to our office to learn more about us and guiding you back to full health.

I have come to look forward to my appointments at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Gene Fish and his team are a perfect blend of personalities to keep the operations running smoothly. You are greeted with a smile and bubbly personality by Michelle. Dr. Fish is so knowledgeable and technical, he makes you feel safe and comfortable. Keith is so fun and encouraging, and makes strength training a fun activity all while helping to hold the adjustments made by Dr. Fish. If you are thinking about seeing a chiropractor, I highly recommend Genesis Chiropractic Clinic!

- Jenny Morgan, Ambler PA

I highly recommend Genesis Chiropractic. The people are both experienced and passionate about their work. They offer a wider range of resources in-house than any other chiropractic office I've researched. They've built a game plan to correct my current issues and maintain my future health. As a results- driven person; I'm so pleased with my progress.

- Krista Schmidt, Southampton PA

Absolutely love this place! Desperately needed help with my back and found this location close to my job and so glad I did. The staff is amazing Michelle, Jess, Keith, Trish, Deb and of course Dr. Fish are the most professional kindest, friendliest people you could ever want to meet while taking you and your chiropractic care seriously! Try them and the you'll be glad you did!!!!?

- Crystal Carrier, North Wales PA

I went to see Dr. Fish for treatment because I had some neck pain, hip pain, and lower back pain. I had done nothing to fix this in the past two years. My brother who is currently a patient there told me about Dr. Fish and I decided to give it a try. When I came in, Dr. Fish carefully examined my physical condition. Then he made different adjustments and sometimes used various therapies to fix my problems. My improvements have been significant. I see Dr. Fish as a long lasting correction. I play a lot of physical sports like football, softball, roller hockey, and ice hockey. These sports put my body out of whack. I see him once a month for my physical tune-up. Dr. Fish is the only chiropractor that seems to make the right adjustments. I have been to several chiropractors over the years and their adjustments never seemed to work. Gene's techniques seem to be more advanced than others. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Wes Mallon, Warminster PA

From the minute you walk in your greeted with a smile!! I had just moved into the area (2016) and was in desperate need of Chiropractic care. I am so glad I just walked in and by luck found the care I needed! From my first meeting with Dr. Fish I felt confident in his knowledge, he knew my concerns (and the pain I was suffering with) and was there to genuinely help me. I've been with him ever since! I would highly recommend him and his staff is an A+ too!!!

- Diana Raia, Warrington PA

I came to Genesis barely able to walk from the immense back pain I was feeling. The staff was more than friendly and got me in as soon as possible. I'm 3 months down the road now with a better understanding of how to care for my spine and feeling wonderful. Huge thanks to Gene and his staff.

- Joshua Garms, Langhorne PA

I started going to Genesis because they were close to my office, and I had such pain that I was on crutches walking in there. I was off crutches in no time, and have a plan to make sure I keep my back healthy. It's very different here because it's all around care, making sure you do the exercises and have the tools to stay healthy. Everyone is extremely nice, and they're always accommodating. I've never gone anywhere continuously for any kind of treatments, and because of them, I've stayed consistent for several months now.

- Amber Kasmari, North Wales PA

Let's Pay it Forward Together

Committed to making a positive difference in the world through contribution and philanthropy.

Giving Back

When you are a leader in a community, I believe it comes with great responsibility. Genesis Chiropractic Clinic is committed to leaving a legacy that makes a positive difference in the world through contribution and philanthropy. Each for profit service we offer is tied to a non-profit initiative. We highly believe in giving back.

When you invest in your health through Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support mentors for disadvantaged children, entrepreneurs in developing nations, chiropractic research, reshaping education, wounded warriors, and animal rights protection.

Here are our current partners:

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