Yoga Poses for Back Pain – Upward Facing Dog

Try out this simple Yoga Pose if you are experiencing Back Pain. It is called Upward Facing Dog. So it will help strengthen your low back and help your improve posture if you are slouched or sitting a lot. That’s a lot of us nowadays! Hope you get lot out of this one! Let us know if you enjoy it and if it helps you out. Thank you for watching!

The next stretch we kinda took from yoga. So we like it a lot. It’s called the Up Dog. The Up Dog is great. What we’re gonna do now is Jane’s gonna lay face down here. So Dr. Gene, go ahead take over.

Up Dog Yoga Pose for Back Pain Relief

So what you want is your hands right around chest position. And with this entire stretch you’re really focused on contracting these muscles here. So she’s gonna contract up as high as she can. Even with her hands off the floor. And then she’s gonna put her hands on the floor. So then push herself up as high as possible.

Now don’t worry if you can’t quite get this far. You just wanna get a nice stretch in your back without feeling any sharpness in there.

Yoga Poses for Back Pain - Upward Facing Dog

I hope this yoga pose helped you get back pain relief. If you are still working through some back pain and would like to be evaluated by our chiropractor, please Contact Us Here or Call Us at 215-343-3223.

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