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We’re getting a lot of calls of people who are wondering two things. One: “Are you open”? And two, they want to come in but they’re wondering, “What are you doing to keep things safe?” I’ll be answering those two questions today.

Hey, this is Dr. Gene Fish from Genesis Chiropractic Clinic. I’ve been in touch with or seen a lot of patients over the last couple of months. Everyone’s got their own unique struggles and challenges right now, and everyone’s processing things uniquely in their own ways. In the meantime, the CDC, the Pennsylvania governor, and Homeland Security have all deemed chiropractic to be essential, so we are open.

My main goal, of course, is obviously to keep everyone as healthy and unstressed as possible. But main goal part two is to hopefully ease some of the burden from medical doctors who are dealing with obviously the virus and other things right now. If we can help take care of back pain, neck pain, headache cases, we can ease some of their burden right now, and hopefully try to be helpful to the healthcare system as a whole.

What are we doing to try to stay as safe as possible? Well, we’ve implemented protocols that either follow or exceed the strictest of CDC guidelines. A couple of examples are all of our patients and all of us, we’re wearing masks. We’re limiting the adjusting area to one at a time. We scrub the tables down in between each patient, and every day the office gets a super deep clean.

We’ve decided to … for at least the next two months, stay open an extra full day to help spread out patient appointments just so there’s less people in the office. We’ve implemented a new online scheduling app that lets you see exactly when the busier times are, and we put a hard cap of five visits. There won’t be more than five people in here at once, and it blocks you off, and doesn’t let you schedule an appointment during that time slot.

We’ve removed iPads from check-in, so you can now use your own phone to check in. We’ve eliminated some non-essential services like electric stim. I could go on for awhile, but my eyes and ears are always open. We’re always scanning around looking for other small ways to try to make this as healthy and safe as possible, try to get people as comfortable as possible for those that want to come in. Thanks.

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