Our Decision from Dr. Gene Fish regarding COVID-19

We had to make a decision today at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic in Horsham, PA. It actually turned out to be a pretty easy decision. I’m going to share with you why.

I guess as most of my patients that know me, they know I’m pretty quiet in the office. Part of that’s my personality. But part of it’s also me being able to deliver better adjustments just when I’m super focused. I don’t chat too much. But I’m going to start putting out videos just with all this news out there. I just want to share my perspective of how I view health. And what lens I use when I watch the news, which is rare, but just how I look at things. I’m not here to make anybody wrong or start a debate. I just want to share with you a different perspective and how I made my decision.

What was the decision?

The decision was our County got shut down by the governor because of the virus – as you know. So our decision was should we shut down or not? Here’s how I came up with that.

To back up a little, the way this office works, there’s really three types of people that come here. We have the people coming in for pain that we do a pretty good job with, back pain, neck pain, headaches are probably the top three. We do a great job, get people feeling better and don’t see them again or whatever.

The second type of person will understand that getting out of pain is part of the problem. But they also know there’s an underlying health imbalance. So we’ll work with them to prevent this from coming back in the future.

But really what we see most here, what most of my patients are here is this. The third type is the person that is coming in is they know that their body, the way their body functions impacts everything. It impacts how good of a mother there are going to be. Their health impacts how good of a CEO they’re going to be. It impacts how good they perform on the tennis court, their hobbies.

How to Work at Your Peak…

Now in order for your body to work at its peak, we need our communication system to work, right? Our brain controls the entire body. It does so by sending messages to the nerves. And research shows us  that when bones in your spine are not moving properly, it can cause a disruption to the signal. So there’s signal coming up and down, but something is disrupted. So as a chiropractor that’s my job to find that and fix that, and make people’s bodies work at their optimal. You can think of it, like say you’re on a cell phone and you get some static, there’s signal coming through, but there’s something off.

Now in our bodies, the way that manifest itself can be pain, if the nerves are going to a certain organ can cause dysfunction there, and obviously our immune system is based a lot on feedback from the body up to the brain and back and forth. We need our body’s functioning at the optimal for our immune system to be at its peak.

Again, there’s a ton of research. I’ll probably post another video for those that aren’t too bored to watch that. But for now that that was the decision. Decision was I know that my patients coming in are going to be healthier and better able to fight off this virus if they do contract it, or hopefully not even get it to begin with. That’s it. We’re open.

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We Will Do Our Part To Help the Spread…

Now, that doesn’t mean we’re going to be reckless, or defiant, or anything like that. We’re going to take a lot of measures over the next couple of weeks. First of all, after reading OSHA’s their standards for cleanliness, we’re above that standard even to begin with now, but we’re going to take even more measures.

One of our office managers will be working remotely just in case one gets sick so we can have the other come in. I’ve talked to a couple of chiropractors in the area this morning, got adjusted obviously, and we’re ready to take on each other’s patients. If one of us gets sick, we’re not going to be a hero and come in and possibly spread to other people. I mean, this virus it’s real, people are going to get sick and we’re sorry for that, but we’re going to take it seriously here.

We’re going to wipe down tables every patient. We’re going to leave the doors open, literally, just so nobody has to touch the door handle. And we have a couple of other things that we’re going to do.

We are taking it seriously, but overall, I’m going to start posting more videos, again, not to upset anybody or make anybody wrong. But just to let you know that the way I look at health, is health comes from within, it starts with getting your body functioning at its peak. And that’s what I’m here for. We are here for you!

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