Warrior 3 Pose for Low Back Mobility

Try out this Warrior 3 Pose to quickly and safely improve your low back mobility. This is a great day to day stretch. It will be especially excellent to try out first thing in the morning to get your spine moving right away.

Our next stretch is a little difficult because it deals with the whole body, specially on the lumbar spine. It’s called the Bent Leg to Warrior 3. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have Jane go in and come forward here.

So we can start with our arms crossed here. And what you’re gonna do is just bend up one leg and you’re gonna go from there, without your foot touching the floor into the warrior 3 pose that you would know from yoga. And I prefer with arms outstretched also, if you can. So if you’re not using a weight, you want to go outstretched. And when you’re in this position, you want to pretend somebody’s got a string on both ends you and really elongate and try to get this total flat.

Perfect Posture with Warrior III Pose

Yeah, look how nice and flat that is. That’s perfect posture on that.

And from there, you’re going to come in right into the bent leg and do your best to not touch your floor, touch the foot on the floor. If you have to tap it real quick and keep moving, do that. So go ahead from there right into. Now, I actually prefer doing this with a really lightweight, like a five or 10 pound plate. So don’t worry about the arms extending. If you do have a weight, this is one of the better, low back strengthening and also balance exercises.

Warrior 3 Pose for Low Back Mobility

Did this Warrior 3 Pose help you out? I hope so! Let us know! But if you are still experiencing or suffering with back pain, you don’t need to live like this. Give us a call to be evaluated. Please call us at 215-343-3223 or Contact Us Here.

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