Truth Revealed about Over The Counter Drugs

The way these drugs work is to disable your brain’s ability to feel the sensation of pain coming from your back. This only lasts for a short time. But the pain’s still there, you just can’t feel it! It’s just like sweeping dirt under a rug. Just because you can’t see/feel it, doesn’t mean it’s not there!

At the same time, while you’re at a greater risk to only make your pain worse and worse, you are putting yourself at risk to suffer from the nasty side effects of the most common pain relievers that can damage your stomach, kidneys, and liver. Obviously, using over the counter drugs is not the way to go when it comes to getting rid of the real cause of low back pain.

Most Doctors Lack The Training & Experience To Effectively Treat YOUR Low Back Pain!

You see, a large cause of back pain, especially in the low back, is due to a misalignment of the spine. Even if only one bone is just slightly out of whack, that can cause the nerves in your spine to become compressed, the result is pain. Most doctors are trained to relieve symptoms, to sweep your pain under the rug. All the while, the REAL cause of your pain is still there.

Unless The REAL Cause Of Your Pain Is Treated, You’ll Never Get Better!

In Mathematical Terms: Wrong Diagnosis + Wrong Treatment = YOU Still In Pain

OTC drugs truths revealed

You see, the reason for this goes all the way back to your doctor’s ability to diagnose the true cause of your pain. If he or she cannot clearly identify what’s making you hurt, then the instructions they give to the Physical Therapist don’t stand a chance of working. It’s like trying to bake a cake with the instructions for making chocolate chip cookies.

Most medical treatments for getting rid of low back pain only focus on getting rid of symptoms. For instance, a cortisone shot in your back may deaden your nerves for a short time. But the pain’s still going to be there waiting for you when it wears off. Medications do much the same thing but leave you open to potentially dangerous side effects. Other treatments like Physical Therapy are ineffective because they stem from a misdiagnosis.

We’ve helped people with the same exact problem you suffer from right now. (Without drugs and surgery, don’t forget!)

When YOU Have Low Back Pain, You Should Be Calling US!

We will never claim to be something we’re not. But if you want to get the right diagnosis, the correct evaluation, the proper treatment for your pain and numbness…then we are the experts to help you! When you come in, you’ll have the chance to meet with us, get to know us, and tell us about your problem. Then we’re going to digital x-ray analysis. This test will give us a quick idea about the severity and true location of your ailment.

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