Temporary Pain Relief or Proper Posture – Here’s My Suggestion

Should you sit with improper posture if it causes temporary pain relief? Got an Interesting Question from a patient today at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic and I did my best at answering it.

One of my patients asked me a pretty interesting question, sort of in the middle of a day. I had a bunch of people, and couldn’t really even come up with a good answer. But it was a real interesting question, so thought I’d just post it here for everybody. The question was this. If you are in pain, and sitting in a position that is improper posture relieves your pain, should you do it?

And I thought about if for a while, of course:

Wanting to get out of pain every now and then is normal.

But I talked to a few friends, also, and confirmed you really should just follow proper form, and follow proper sitting posture, even if that means that there is pain. As long as you are on the track to getting it corrected. If you are sitting straight, and everything, all your posture is normal, you shouldn’t feel any kind of pain.

When you start feeling pain in a proper posture and slump, and you feel better, there’s something off. And we just need to figure out what’s causing that. I mean either there’s tight muscles on one side, tight ligaments, and we need to come up with some sort of plan to correct that. So, next time you’re in, let me take a look at exactly what posture it is that you have that you feel relief from, and let’s come up with some plan of action to get that corrected.

If you have any other questions, please post below or on our YouTube Channel.

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