The Dangers of Tech Neck and How to Fix It

Texting is an effective way of communicating short messages to anyone, anywhere quickly. It may not have occurred to you that consistent improper texting form for periods can have ramifications to your spine. And your health ultimately. To appreciate this, and learn about tech neck, let us understand how our body system works.

Dangers of Tech Neck Horsham PA


The Nervous System

The functioning of the nervous system, which consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the associated nerves, determines your health level. Then brain messages are sent down the spinal cord. Then out the nerves to every cell, system, structure, and organ in the body. Any message from these elements of your body is sent back to the brain using the same route with which they receive the incoming brain message. That is how the communication loop in your body is all the time. If there is interference on this system its normal functioning is hindered in some way. So your body cannot perform optimally. Only 20% of pain information gets to your brain. So, relying on pain to detect any abnormality in your system is not an effective way to know whether you are well or sick.

The spine is what protects and houses your nervous system. So a healthy spine enables it to perform better. It requires optimal mobility of all of its joints for optimal protection. Your nervous system is compromised when immobility at any level of the spine is present. Degenerative changes that may not be felt are likely to result if the immobility is present long enough. An unwanted chain of events results: the spine’s mobility affects its health, which affects the function of the nervous system; ultimately, the functioning of the nervous system determines your level of health.

The Neck

The cervical spine, which is your neck area, has a natural curve. So how you carry your head, either work with supporting that normal curve or go against it by reversing or decreasing it. It is the proper curve that protects smooth communication of the nervous system at a structural level. The nerves that exit the spine in the cervical area go to your head, face, eyes, ears, thyroid, and shoulders. And even down into and through your fingers. So head carriage and proper posture do not just impact how you present yourself. More importantly, they are about your health.

Tech Neck

Tech neck is the result of prolonged behaviors of improper texting or using devices such as tablets. If not corrected, it can lead to a specific set of structural changes to posture, have lasting effects on the function of the spine and ultimately your health

Tech neck describes the most common and improper way of texting. What that means is the phone is in the hands or below the chest with a forward-leaning neck, and the head tilted nearly down. This behavior, when repeated consistently throughout the day, can significantly impact the function and health of the muscles, joints, and spine. While you may or may not feel severe pain, the function will suffer. You will begin to notice its adverse effects in your ranges of motion and on various tasks.

Fixing Tech Neck

The correct texting posture is simple and easy but requires presence and consistency. Get a pop socket that attaches on the back of cell phones. Therefore allowing you a secure two-finger grip so you can text with one hand. Hold the phone up at eye level in front of your face. In a relaxed position, make sure that your shoulders are back, rounded slightly down. You can then raise your opposite hand to text from this position.

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