Shoulder Exercise and Rotator Cuff Mobility You Can Do At Home

Let’s go through some basic shoulder exercises that you can easily do at home. It is for the rotator cuff, thoracic outlet, and for the upper shoulder body. It’s called Y’s, T’s and I’s. Very easy to do. We’re gonna demonstrate it on a mat. I do like it better on a bed, or even, in the office we have, you can actually do it on an adjusting table. Or on a workout bench.

Shoulder Exercises Demo

So we’re gonna have Jane lay face down. Next we’re gonna start with her arms out in a Y position. So you’re just gonna lift your shoulders up off the floor as high as they’ll go. Meanwhile really focus on squeezing right into here. You really don’t need any weight with these. For some of the more athletic guys and girls maybe you can do. Maybe like, a two or a five-pound plate. But you really don’t need a lot of weight with these. So you’re gonna do Ys. And then you are gonna bring our arms out to a T. So these are just gonna hit different angles.

Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Mobility Exercises You Can Do At Home

And you are lifting, break, and you’re lifting that arm up and protracting that scapula in there. Good. And then we’re gonna go from the T to a Y, or an I. And then you’re gonna lift these straight up. So if you’re on a bench you can bring it down all the way. But this actually works pretty well, too.

Thanks for reading and watching the post we assembled for you. Hopefully these shoulder exercise tips help you out! If you still have concerns about your shoulder and want to be checked out by our doctor at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, call us at 215-343-3223. Or please Contact Us Here.

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