Using Resistance Bands for Rotator Cuff Mobility and Injury Prevention

There’s actually a lot of different band stretches. This next one we’re gonna show you is one of my favorites actually. It’s a really, really good way to exercise the rotator cuff muscle. So, I’m gonna actually hold here while Dr. Neil explains.

Rotator Cuff Mobility

The rotator cuff, the way it works, there’s two main movements with it. There is Internal and external rotation into the arm. So, what we’re gonna do is first we’re gonna start with external. We’re gonna come out and just bringing it in. And once again, very isolated. Therefore sometimes what I’ll do even I’ll take this opposite arm, hold that shoulder and really isolate that area in. Okay.

And the next movement would be, you would step over here. So then you would go the opposite way coming in this way. Exactly. Now you can once again, even if you want to keep that stable. And sometimes, if you have the pain in your shoulder, or if it’s bothering you a little bit, when you add that extra stability, it makes it a little bit easier. So you would do the same thing for both shoulders. Or, you know, if you want to work your injured shoulder, that’s fine too.

Using Resistance Bands for Rotator Cuff Mobility and Injury Prevention

So thank you watching our video. Hopefully these tips help your rotator cuff mobility! If you still have shoulder pain and to be evaluated by our doctor at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, call us at 215-343-3223. Or please Contact Us Here.

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