Using Resistance Bands for Upper Back & Shoulder Mobility

At of our offices. One of the things that really sets us apart from other chiropractors are the variety of exercises that we use and one of the things that we really like to use at the office is tubing. Now resistance bands exercises. The first one we’re going to show here is for the upper back for the rhomboid muscles and it’s just a great way to strengthen, very easy to do at home. And just a fantastic way of strengthening into the muscles.

Resistance Bands Made Simple

So what were you going to do is you’re going to anchor the one side off. However, Dr. Neil is just holding this for demonstration. But you can, you don’t have to get fancy with this. You can just tie a piece of tubing around a doorknob. And the first one we’re going to do is actually, if we can come up high, we’re going to do a straight arm row. So we’re going to keep everything straight and you’re gonna bring your arms right down and you’re actually gonna feel this in the back here, in the rhomboids. So what you’re concentrating on is not using, or jerking it down. What you want to do is really use the back of your shoulder to bring this down.

And you can really feel the stretch in those upper back muscles on that.

Bent Arm Row Exercises

And then the next exercise we’re gonna do. We’re gonna bring this down to about shoulder level and with this one. We’re going to come straight back. This is a bent arm row and with this you’re gonna squeeze your shoulder blades back here. Just like I’m holding. You basically want to pretend like you’re holding a soda can right behind in the trap area. Or right between your shoulder blades. So you don’t even wanna concentrate on the arms. If you just think about squeezing right back here. Go ahead and squeeze that just like you’re holding right back there and that’s it.

That’s the motion. So that’s gonna be great for people who are sitting at a computer maybe all day. Or slouched over for people who have rounded shoulders. Therefore it’s gonna start making those muscles stronger to hold your shoulders back up. After that what I’ll do is I’ll actually knot the tube itself, close it into the door. On the upper one. You put it on the top of the door, or the second exercise you put it in the middle of the door. Then close the door, and then knot holds it in and you exercise from the door. That’s what I actually do at my house with that.

Great pro trick.

Using Resistance Bands for Upper Back & Shoulder Mobility

So thanks for reading and watching this video we assembled. Hopefully you enjoyed and apply immediately! If you still have upper back pain that you are concerned about and want have your spine checked out by our doctor at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, call us at 215-343-3223. Or please Contact Us Here.

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