Experience Genesis Chiropractic Clinic’s Energy

Our patient describes her experience at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic:

It’s been an awesome experience from start to right now. It was easy to make the appointment and get in pretty immediately…and just has been smooth ever since – making appointments changing if I need to.
And everybody’s been awesome to work with everything has been wiped down before that I’m seeing. I’m working out and then also after whatever I’m touching or using has been wiped. So I feel pretty safe. There’s all of these wipes and hand sanitizer and all that happening Non-stop.

Energy is awesome!

woman with umbrella in a happy experience

Everybody’s really friendly really nice. But also laid back so that if you do need to make changes or have questions it’s easy to do.
I started at the beginning of the Corona virus two-week shutdown. So at that point, we were just being careful with hand sanitizer and kinda staying six feet apart. That started right when I was here and then has continued or has amped up where you know now we’re wearing masks but still you know keep in.
Distance and wiping lots of everything surfaces and anything we use. But all otherwise everything’s been the same service same activities everything.

We’re “Essential” & so is Your Safety

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to have a consultation with the doctor, please give us a call at 215-343-3223.
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