Nerve Pain Relieved – Greg’s Experience

The Genesis Chiropractic Experience as told from one of our patients who got great results with his neck and nerve pain.

What prompted you to make an appointment?

I had a really bad compressed nerve in my cervical spine. The C6. So that was leading to a lot of complications. Nerve Pain, inflammation, and probably about three to four months solid of chronic pain. And I tried so many different pain remedies and inflammation medications. My doctor gave me different trigger point injections. Nothing was working, so I decided I would try a chiropractor.

Nerve Pain Relieved Genesis Chiropractic - Greg

What was your experience at Genesis Chiropractic like?

The place is really clean. The staff is really friendly. Dr. Fish is a professional and really knows how to educate you about what you’re getting into as well as treating you. The functional training blindsided me. Which was great. It’s like a positive reinforcement going through a lot of different exercises to reinforce the changes in your spine. So, that was a great benefit to work on at home in between your adjustments.

What are the Results for your Nerve Pain?

Yeah. So far, the results are exceptional. I do not have chronic nerve pain anymore. It’s been about maybe three to four months of getting adjusted with Dr. Fish and doing all the functional exercises. But, all the inflammation is gone. My neck feels great. My posture is improving. So, so far so good and I’m still coming.

Contact Us if you are experiencing Nerve Pain

Unfortunately neck pain is common and it’s usually not permanently fixed by taking medicine. We urge you to take care of yourself. You deserve it! So if you would like to be evaluated for your neck pain, give us a call at 215-343-3223. Or drop us a note here. Thank you for reading.

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