Lateral Leg Raise – Low Back Mobility – Low Back CrossOver

Back Pain and Sciatica is no fun, right? No one wants to deal pain, discomfort, lost days at work, lost nights with the family… We put this Lateral Leg Raise Video together for you so you can try out this exercise at home. It has helped many of our patients with their Back Pain and Sciatica. Hope you enjoy and this helps you out.

Our next stretch, which I really think is one of the most important is the low back crossover. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have Jane go in, go ahead, Dr. Gene.

Leg Raise Instructions

So we’ll start on the floor with your hands at a T and then lift your leg up. And what you wanna do is bring your leg right over here to the side. Now for most normal people, their shoulder here is gonna lift up off the mat. So you wanna make sure this is straight. This is straight. So what you’re gonna do is use your shoulder to ease the stretch. And this is gonna get right into the low back. And what you’re gonna do to switch sides is bend your knee, bring it in. There you go. ‘Cause for people with low back pain, you don’t wanna be swinging your leg over like that. So bend your knee, bring it in, straighten it out, and then straighten this one. And you’re gonna go to the other side.

Low Back Mobility

And don’t worry when you’re doing this stretch, you might even feel a little bit of movement occasionally in the low back. Don’t be too concerned with that. But also don’t overemphasize it to try to get some cracking or popping in your back. ‘Cause you can cause a little bit of irritation if you overemphasize that movement.

Lateral Leg Raise - Low Back Mobility - Low Back CrossOver

Hope you enjoyed this Low Back Mobility Exercise. If you are still would like to be evaluated for any low back pain or sciatica symptoms, please call us at 215-343-3223 or Contact Us Here.

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