Great Stretches for Hip Flexor & Quad Mobility

So now we’re gonna look at the anterior leg, the quad, the hip flexor, and even into the hip flexor. This is a very important area because it really gives stability to the whole pelvic region. And what we’re gonna do now is a combination where we’re gonna tie in actually a couple stretches together.

Hip Flexor Stretch Instructions

So we’re gonna start in a standing position. Start standing. And this one you really wanna do on a soft floor. So we’re gonna start with just a basic lunge. So you’re gonna bring one foot forward. Notice her hips and her head are up, so she’s not bending forward like this. And on this stretch, we’re actually on this one we’re stretching this back leg right here. So she’s pushing in with her hips to stretch that quad. Right from there, she’s gonna put the back knee down without moving anything and she’s just gonna lean her hips forward. And what this is gonna do, you’ll feel that stretch a little bit higher up into that hip area. That’s gonna be your hip flexor.

Next one we’re gonna do is more of an advanced stretch. So if you’re wobbling around here, you can just stop right here. But for our more athletes, we’re gonna bring that hand and that knee all the way up. And that’s gonna just totally blast the quadricep there.

Great Stretches for Hip Flexor & Quad Mobility

Thank you for watching this hip flexor stretch video we made. Get started right away and watch how much your hip mobility improves! Reach out and let us know how you liked it. Please share with a friend if you enjoyed this video.

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