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If you suffer from constant headaches or the ones that come and go, and want it to end NOW – please take a couple of minutes to read this article. It may be the most important thing you’re going to read this year! Why do I say this? Well, it’s because I’ve been able to help virtually every person who suffers from a common yet hidden cause of headaches that most doctors miss! quickly and permanently WITHOUT DRUGS, CHANGE OF DIET OR LIFESTYLE OR EVEN PHYSICAL THERAPY!

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If you’re like most people who suffer from cluster, tension, even migraine headaches, you’ve been taking medication for weeks, months, even years. The problem is that your headaches never really go away and as a result, your whole body is subjected to toxic drugs that are designed to accomplish only one thing; and that is to cover up your headaches at the expense of your stomach lining, kidneys, liver, and overall health.

headache report

Our bodies weren’t meant to be manhandled like this. True health is achieved when you are feeling great without relying on medication to mask your symptoms.

Have you ever noticed that old people who don’t have to take drugs are healthier? Do you think that maybe long term drug dependency may be bad for your health?

If you’ve been to your MD, and explained your headache symptoms, chances are they’ve recommended some medication and told you to do things like, cut your sugar, lower your stress, don’t drink coffee, or even drink coffee! As much as I hate to admit it, most doctors don’t have a clue what may be causing your headaches!

Hidden Cause Of Many Headaches Revealed Here!

You’re not going to believe this, but your headaches may NOT be caused by a chemical imbalance, an inability to adapt to stress, your boss, your spouse, your children, or a lack of drugs in your bloodstream! but a usually easily correctable condition whereby the muscles and joints in your neck which were designed to allow you to move your neck and head and PROTECT your spine and the delicate nerves that control the amount of muscle tension and blood flow in various parts of your head, neck, shoulders, forearms and arms, actually IRRITATE these delicate structures causing a type of headache that medication and drugs cannot cure!

The good news is that a simple headache evaluation maybe all you need to determine if you’ve been suffering from this hidden condition and if you are, you maybe days or only weeks away from ending your headaches once and for all!

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Dear Headache Sufferer,

Headaches are NOT normal! They’re a sign that something is wrong.

Your body is designed to be free of pain. Feeling good is the normal state. Feeling throbbing, pounding pain in your skull that doesn’t seem to want to go away like a bad houseguest is not normal.

Neither is the nauseous feelings that come whenever you go out on a sunny day or see a bright light, laying awake at night praying your headaches will disappear, feeling and looking miserable, irritable, and older than you really are, and the frustration of knowing that your friends and family just don’t understand what you are going through.

And thanks to those clever headache pain relief commercials, medicine cabinets, purses, and glove compartments all over the country that are fully stocked with medication for the “normal” headache.

So, if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from annoying, pestering, mind-numbing headaches, then please keep reading this report, because as you are about to discover, headaches are not normal.

Hi, I’m Dr. Gene Fish, known in town as the “headache doctor”.

When I discovered that one in six Americans are chronic headache victims, I nearly fell out of my chair! I couldn’t believe that so many

Americans suffer day in and day out when they really don’t have to any more…and chances are, neither do you!

“ That’s why I decided to step forward and write this simple, yet informative report. So please, for your own sake, carefully read every word of this report… It may be the most important message you will ever hear.”

O.K. Let’s get started!

If you REALLY want to get rid of your headaches and start living a “normal” life in a short period of time, then you need to first be aware of…

Six Headache Relief Misconceptions:

1. Over-The-Counter Medication Treat The Cause Of Your Headache

It’s almost criminal that drug companies are hiding from you that the headache relieving drugs they advertise don’t actually target the real cause of your headaches.

So here’s the real deal…These pills cover up your headache by simply disabling your brain’s ability to feel your headache. That’s why your headache comes back when the pills wear off!

If you broke your leg and just took pills so you didn’t have to feel the pain, the pain would come back when the pills wore off.

So if these drugs actually treated the real cause of your headaches, then shouldn’t your headaches go away permanently? But they don’t.

These pills only sweep your pain under the rug. Therefore the REAL cause of your headaches remains untreated and that’s why you keep suffering without the right headache treatment.

2. Headache Medication Can’t Harm You

One thing many headache sufferers don’t know about the drugs they take is that these pills are not 100% safe. In fact, a lot of the side effects you may experience are far worse than the headaches you’re trying to cover up for a measly four hours of relief with ineffective headache treatment.

You see, the way these pills disable your ability to feel headaches is to disable a little hormone in your body that acts like a messenger to your brain. Of course, our bodies, being the highly tuned machines they are, have figured out how to use these hormones for more jobs than one. So if you disable the hormone from doing just one job, it will also not do all the other jobs in your body.

Therefore this can lead to all sorts of problems. You can get something as minor as a rash, or you can have sudden liver failure or kidney problems. Even aspirin has been linked to causing unknowing users to suffer from deadly hemoragghic strokes.

It gets worse…you see, the more often you take these medications for headache treatment, the more your risk will skyrocket!

So medication seldom increases your body’s ability to respond to stress appropriately, and it usually decreases your body’s natural ability to fight disease!

3. Stress Causes Headaches

Yes, stress is a part of living, but it is not the cause of headaches.

Have you ever heard of that saying, “only the strong survive” or “survival of the fittest”?

It’s how your body adapts to stress that determines if “stress” will affect your health or how you feel.

So, in a minute, I will explain how you can quickly and easily increase your body’s ability to adapt to stress.

4. Headaches Go Away On Their Own

Tony Robbins has a saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results.”

If you truly want to get rid of your headaches, then you’re going to have to try something different; something natural, and hopefully drug free…and equally important, something that is proven to work.

5. All Doctors Know How To Treat Headaches

There’s a saying that goes something like this…

“ If You’re A Hammer, All You See Is Nails”

Hammers hit nails…M.D.’s prescribe medication for headache treatment.

Expecting a different approach from your medical doctor will only lead to disappointment. So that’s why I wrote this report – to help headache sufferers like you.

Before we go any further, let me stress to you that there is a place for medication, but more importantly, the cause of the problem must be identified because the wrong diagnosis = wrong care.

And, if your doctor’s headache treatment fails, you’ll probably get even stronger medications or, in an extreme case, your doctor will recommend surgery. Personally, I think there are times when surgery is the only option, but in terms of headaches, there are natural alternatives that many times, work a lot better without the risks associated with invasive headache treatments.

In fact, if you really want great results without all the risk of drugs, doesn’t it make sense to try a natural solution first?

6. Your Problem Is Always Where Your Pain Is.

Even though you may be feeling your headaches in your sinuses or on the top of your head, that doesn’t necessarily mean that is where the cause of the problem is located.

For instance, oftentimes people with a disc problem in their lower back get pain, numbness, or weakness in their legs, even if there’s nothing physically wrong with their legs.

So one of the most common causes of headaches that do NOT originate in the head is called a “Cervicogenic” headache.

“The Cervicogenic headache is a big word for a headache which has its origin in the area of the neck. The source of pain is found in structures around the neck which have been damaged. These structures can include joints, ligaments, muscles, and cervical discs, all of which have complex nerve endings. When these structures are damaged, the nerve endings send pain signals up the pathway from the upper nerves of the neck to the brain. During this process, they intermingle with the nerve fibers of the trigeminal nerve. Since the trigeminal nerve is responsible for the perception of head pain, the patient therefore experiences the symptoms of a headache.”

– Dr. Peter Rothbart, M.D.

You May Have A “Cervicogenic Headache” !

If you answer “Yes” to any of these SIX questions…

1. “Has your neck ever experienced trauma?”

2. “Have you ever been in a car accident?”

3. “Have you ever played football or any other contact

4. “Have you experienced many ‘minor’ injuries?”

5. “Is your neck stiff or, at times, difficult to move?”

6. “As a child, did you experience a fall off the swing,
porch, down stairs, or any other ‘minor’ incident?”

If you answered “YES” to at least ONE of the following questions, your headache may be caused by a hidden problem in your neck. Therefore there’s good news.

There is an amazing type of drugless, non-surgical headache treatment that may help you. So you might be asking yourself what this amazing headache treatment is.

Well, studies have shown that the safest, most natural neck treatment for most cervicogenic headaches is:

Conservative Chiropractic Care is the Most Effective Headache Treatment!

That’s right! So what used to be considered “just a treatment for bad backs” has been proven to be very effective in the headache treatment of cervicogenic headaches.


So it’s in your best interest to get your neck evaluated soon, because if you wait too late, your condition may get to a point where you can’t be helped with this type of care and your only option may be…

INJECTIONS OR SURGERY. Nerve block injections used to treat cervicogenic headaches can include:
* injections above the eyebrows to treat that region of the head.
* more injections into the back of the neck to treat pain going up the back of the head.
* injections into the side of the neck.
In more serious cases, surgery to treat cervicogenic headaches can include:
* heat to burn selected nerves of the small joints of the neck which connect each vertebrae
* burning nerves with heat about the face and neck
* fusion (removing a disc responsible for sending pain signals)But Here’s The Good News…

While many patients who are diagnosed with cervicogenic headaches have the traditional symptoms of tension headaches, some of the patients who have the traditional symptoms of migraine (and cluster migraine) headaches also respond to cervicogenic headache diagnosis and headache treatment.

Now, there are headaches that don’t respond to specific, low force chiropractic care; high blood pressure, low blood sugar, hormonal changes, hangovers, dental problems, etc. These, however, are small in number in comparison with headaches that are caused by tension of the neck and head muscles, and irritation to the nerves. (The cervicogenic headache.)

Most Headache Sufferers, After Learning This Relatively New Information Regarding The Benefit Of Proper Chiropractic Care For Cervicogenic Causes Of Headaches, Wonder…

“How Do I Find A Doctor Trained In Providing Headache Treatment?”

So, my best advice is to ask the chiropractic doctor the following questions…
1. “Do you have an effective headache treatment?”
Some Doctors of Chiropractic do not focus on specific conditions. So ask the Chiropractor if he or she treats headaches that may originate from the neck. Some do not.

2. “Do you take x-rays?”
Call their office and check and see if they either have the facilities in their office to take films, or if they refer it out. Either answer is acceptable. Do not get evaluated by any chiropractor who doesn’t look at neck x-rays before rendering care.

If you live in the area, call us at at 215-343-3223 who will be happy to schedule your check-up! We DO treat headaches, we DO properly take x-ray pictures of the structures of the neck before care

Here’s What Your CHECK-UP Includes…

1. Headache Consultation – I have a list of specific questions that will help discover the cause of your headache to determine the proper headache treatment. This is also an opportunity for me to have a thorough understanding of your headaches and what you’ve been going through.

2. Examination – Aside from typical exam procedures like blood pressure, cranial nerve testing, reflexes, and vital signs, you will also receive a multi-plane head and neck range of motion study, palpatory examination, and specific orthopedic and neurological tests.

3. Static “EMG” Testing – Our office is one of the few, if not only office, that has this computerized electromyography instrument. So this is an important test. This painless procedure determines if there’s abnormal function of the neck muscles that support your head and helps me pinpoint where your problem is. (Sample enclosed)

4. Neck X-Ray – If, after the consultation, examination, and static “EMG”, it is found that x-rays are needed of the bones, discs, and soft tissue of your neck, they will be taken at this visit. In order to get a good view of all the supporting structures, at least two views will be taken. One of the front view. And one of the side view.

On behalf of everyone at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic of Horsham / Warrington PA, I look forward to meeting you to discover if I can help you! Remember, you haven’t tried everything until you’ve at least had a headache evaluation at my office!

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