Hamstring Stretch for Back Pain Relief

Back Pain and Sciatica are no fun, right? No one wants to tolerate pain, discomfort, overwhelm, sleepless nights, etc. We put this Hamstring Stretch Video together for you. So, you can try out this stretch that has helped many of our patients with their Back Pain and Sciatica.

The next thing that we’re gonna do here is the hamstring. The hamstring is very important, especially the hamstring is the posterior part of the leg. We’re gonna do it two ways. We’re gonna do it bent leg and then more advanced in the straight leg.

How to Properly Perform a Hamstring Stretch

And that’s to target different areas of the hamstring. So we’re gonna start flat on our back, and so we’re gonna stretch. I actually prefer having the leg you don’t stretch flat on the ground. So let’s put this leg flat on the ground here, and we’re gonna bring this bent. And I prefer a grabbing right around the calf with both hands. You could also grab around here, but you wanna bring this into your body, and you’re gonna actually feel this towards the upper part of the hamstring and the glute area.

Fine Tuning for Safety

And it’s real important to keep this bottom leg straight, and actually, if you go ahead and turn it in and leave it locked in, that’ll really lock the hips together. And also it’s not bouncing. You don’t wanna bounce that muscle. It’s a stretch, a gentle stretch on that. So right in from there, you’re gonna let the leg drop, and then this time, we’re gonna keep it completely straight. And I actually prefer bringing the foot in, and you’re gonna bring this knee completely locked as far in as you can on your own. Go ahead and grab up. If you can, go ahead and grab up on your calf or your toes.

And then if you have problems also, we can use the strap.

Yeah, so what this’ll do is for people that can’t quite go that far, you can use, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be a T-shirt, a towel, a band, or it can just be a belt.

A belt would be perfect. So you’re just gonna really make sure to keep this locked, keep this locked, and this one, you’re gonna feel through the middle belly of the hamstring and towards the bottom.

Hamstring Stretch for Back Pain Relief

Hope you tried this stretch and gotten some relief. If you are still having back pain and would like to be evaluated, please call us at 215-343-3223 or Contact Us Here.

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