Elbow Plank Pose For Low Back Strengthening

Back Pain and Sciatica are hard to live with, right? Try out this Elbow Plank Pose for low back strengthening. It will actually strengthen your entire core. This is a great exercise for almost everyone. But make sure you start slowly and ramp up. And keep good form so you don’t injure yourself. Enjoy the video we put together for you!

Our next exercise is gonna be for the core and low back. It’s called a plank and Jane will demonstrate here. It’s very important that you do this exercise properly. Men should aim for two minutes of hold time. And women should shoot for 90 seconds. Those measurements are universally accepted for great core strength.

Plank Instructions

Okay. Now what’s so important about the plank is really going in and squeezing the center core because it’s really made to strengthen the core in that area. In fact, you should have almost when you tighten up no lateral movement from side to side. Because of how that’s tightened up in there. But it’s just a hold onto there.

And one thing you’ll notice is Jane’s actually cheating a little bit. Do you see how far her legs are? So if you actually put your feet together, it makes it a lot harder.

Elbow Plank Pose For Low Back Strengthening

So we hope you tried this Elbow Plank Pose and built some low back strength. But if you are still suffering with back pain and would like to be checked by our doctor, please call us at 215-343-3223 or Contact Us Here.

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