ATTENTION Carpal Tunnel Sufferers!

If you’ve been told you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, then reading this article may be the most important thing you’ve done this year! Why? Because you’re about to discover the truth about carpal tunnel syndrome. And why most people will always suffer from it no matter how many MDs they go to or how many surgeries they’ve had.

If you suffer from the constant, nagging pains in your wrist, then you must keep reading this article!

Many Doctors Don’t Have A Clue 
About Treating YOUR Wrist Pain!

If you’ve been to your family or company doctor complaining about the numbness or tingling in your wrists then chances are your doctor has said something along these lines. “You probably got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Wear this wrist sprint when your pain starts up, take these pills too.”

This is a blaring alarm your doctor may not be the person to talk to if you really want to safely get rid of your wrist pain quick!

Dirty Little Secrets Of Pain Medications, 
Wrist Braces, And Cortisone Shots…

Taking any pain medication (over the counter or prescription) will never be a cure for getting rid of your wrist pain once and for all! At best, these drugs will only offer 4-6 hours of relief by sabotaging your brain’s ability to feel the pain coming from your wrists.

This may be fine for getting you through a days work but taking these pills over and over can put you at risk in 2 ways:

1. Pain is your body’s way to preventing further injury. Take away the pain and you may make your wrist injury worse and your pain greater.


2. Taking these drugs can have adverse effects on your kidneys, liver, and stomach lining that is worse than the wrist pain your taking the pills for in the first place.

A cortisone injection sweeps your pain under the rug just like your medications do. And like your medications, it will wear off and your pain will come back probably worse than ever. Wearing a wrist splint may be a temporary solution. But if your constant pain reduces you to wearing a splint all day, you can be put at risk of damaging your wrist more by allowing scar tissue to form.

carpal tunnel treatment

Here’s Why Wrist Surgery Has A High Failure Rate.

If your doctor has suggested you consult a surgeon or if you’ve already had surgery performed on your wrist, there is important information you simply must know!

You see, most doctors don’t have the training or experience to detect what it is that is making your wrists hurt. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a blanket term used to describe any number of problems you may be suffering from. If your doctor cannot tell you exactly what’s wrong with you, then any treatment he gives you will never get you out of pain. This is why surgery fails so often for carpal tunnel victims. The surgery is being performed in the wrong place! Worse yet.

You May Not Even Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

There are numerous conditions that can make your wrists hurt that have nothing to do with your wrists at all! What if, all along, there was something else wrong with you and your doctor overlooked the hidden spot missed by 99% of the doctors who treat carpal tunnel syndrome? So what if all the attention paid on your wrists turned out to be useless? What if there was a way to detect if you suffer from an injury in this hidden spot and could be pain free quickly without drugs or surgery?

“KEEP Reading This Report To Discover What Many Doctors Don’t Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Find Out The Truth About Your Wrist Pain And How To Get Rid Of It Once And For All. Without Drugs Or Surgery!”

Inside This Insider’s Report, You’ll Learn.
• What Many Doctors Don’t Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Can Hurt You!
• The Hidden Spot Most Doctors Fail To Check As The Cause Of Your Pain!
• Why Taking Pills And Wearing Wrist Splints Isn’t A Good Idea If You Want To Get Rid Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Once And For All!
• The reason Why Going To Your Family Or Company Doctor May Only Lead To Years Of Misery And Frustration.
• Why Carpal Tunnel Surgery Has Such A High Failure Rate And How You Know If You REALLY Need It NOW!
• How To Naturally And Safely Get Rid Of YOUR WRIST PAIN NOW!

And Much More!

Dear Carpal Tunnel Sufferer,

Congratulations on reading this report! You’re going to discover how to avoid years of misery and frustration. The same misery and frustration millions of Americans suffer every day because they don’t have this controversial information in front of them like you do right now! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a sneaky, potentially disabling epidemic that is sweeping America as we speak.

Many of your family, friends, and co-workers will experience the same numbness and tingling you do. Because of a number of factors including misinformation and inappropriate care. That’s why this report was written. So keep reading to find out what many doctors don’t know about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The truth WILL shock you!

Don’t Talk Or Speak To ANYONE About YOUR
Wrist Pain Until YOU Finish Reading This eport!

Reading this Report may be one of the most important things you’ve read this year. Why? Finally a doctor is breaking his silence and revealing the shocking truth about carpal tunnel syndrome other doctors don’t know! The information in this report is vital if you want to avoid years of increasing pain, misery, and frustration. So please read this report from beginning to end. It may end up saving your life as you know it right now!

You, see what’s so dangerous about carpal tunnel syndrome is that its not an injury like a broken bone or a cut or scrape. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes on slowly. You don’t notice it at first. Or maybe you just brush off the pain thinking it’s nothing. And then it slowly builds and builds. You start feeling numbness and tingling. It gets harder to type. You become more irritable. You start taking pills to get through the day.

And then one day you realize you just aren’t the same person you used to be. And that’s when you go to your family doctor to get checked out.

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome CAN Hurt YOU!

If you were to go to your family or company doctor complaining about numbness, tingling, even sharp pains, you’ll probably hear something along the lines of. “You probably have carpal tunnel syndrome. Here’s some pain relievers and wrist splints. Come back if that doesn’t take care of it.”

This is a blaring alarm that you’re doctor may not be the person to talk to. You see, most doctors do great with general medicine. If you have an ear infection or the flu, medical science can do wonders but when it comes to a condition like carpal tunnel syndrome, many doctors just don’t have the training or experience to get you out of pain for good.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a tricky condition. You see, your wrist pain can have a number of causes and some of those causes aren’t even in your wrist at all! Because many doctors don’t know where these places are, they assume the problem is solely in your wrist and focus on that.

Every day, thousands of carpal tunnel victims make the mistake of going to their family doctor because they don’t know the information you’re about to read. Going to your family doctor may result in your wrist pain becoming more severe, and worse yet, you may never get out of pain! Don’t put yourself at risk for misery, suffering, and missing time from work..

This is why your doctor’s treatment will never work if you want to get out of pain once and for all.

Dark Secrets About Pain Relievers,
Cortisone Shots, And Wrist Splints Revealed.

The main problem with the kind of treatments many doctors give for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome is that they never go after the root of the problem but focus on the symptoms. In your case: numbness, tingling, and other irritating pains. And when these treatments wear off (which they do) you’ll often find they only cover up your pain for a short time and did nothing to fix what’s causing your pain in the first place.

Pain relievers like motrin, aspirin, and tylenol will never cure you of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! You see, they all pretty much work the same. What they do is disable a chemical in your body that tells your brain you’re in pain (cortisone shots work almost in the same way). It’s like wearing ear plugs to avoid a sound. While this may be okay once in a while, using these pain relievers can only make your condition worse in the long run in 2 ways:

1. Pain, as we all know, is your body’s way to telling you you’re hurt. And because you feel pain you stop doing things that can worsen your injury and make you hurt more. For instance, if you sprained your ankle and didn’t know it, then you’d keep walking on it till it fell off or something horrible happened. So, your body tells your brain you’re in pain so you know to keep of it for a couple days.

If you are taking pills so you can get through a day of work then you are probably making your problem worse because you’ve sabotaged your body’s only means of keeping you healthy.

Obviously, this form of treatment is not a permanent fix because no matter how many pills you take you’ll never get better!

2. The other reason taking these pills is dangerous has to do with the side effects these drugs can have on your body. You see, the chemical they disable does more than just report pain to your brain and depending on what pill you’re taking you can leave yourself open to liver failure, kidney damage, and even gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

Trust me on this, these ‘side effects’ are 100x worse then the wrist pain you’re taking these pills for in the 1st place!

Wearing wrist splints may seem harmless enough but they are not a cure. In fact, if you’re only supposed to wear them when you’re in pain, as you get worse you’ll end up wearing these wrist splints more and more. They are not a good fashion accessory and using them as a crutch will only lead to the formation of abnormal, scar tissue in your wrist. And that will only make your pain worse and your mobility less!

Face it, if you’re doctor is treating you by covering up your pain while your injury causing the pain gets worse and worse.

YOUR Doctor’s Treatment May Be Making YOU Worse!

Since none of the treatments your doctor may be giving you are meant to cure you, logic says your condition will only get worse. You’ll be wearing your wrist splint longer and longer and your pills will have to get stronger and stronger. If you’re like most of the people I’ve talked to who have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for a long time, you’re life has probably become less than it should be. For instance, one woman’s pain got so bad she couldn’t play her piano any more. She even sold her piano because the mere sight of it would depress her.

You could say, with doctors like this. Who needs enemies?

If and when these treatment options fail to get rid of your carpal tunnel nightmare, your doctor may try sending you through physical therapy.

The problem here is, the physical therapist only follows the directions given by your doctor. And, if your doctor doesn’t give the right diagnosis, your therapy will be anything but a cure-all.

You may even feel worse!

When your physical therapy concludes, your doctor may tell you to consult with a surgeon. Now, surgery is a pretty extreme step. And how effective can a surgery be if no one knows where your REAL problem is? It’s like trying to cure ankle pain by operating on your arm. Is it any wonder why so many carpal tunnel surgeries fail to get rid of your pain? In fact, any relief at all is usually temporary.

And then surgery also carries other risks like anesthesia and infection. You’re also going to miss time at work, and maybe you’ll lose some mobility. And even after rehab, there’s still the risk that it will all wear off. Or that you may have some residual pain your doctor will tell you to learn to deal with.

There simply must be a better solution!

The #1 Reason Why Most Carpal Tunnel Treatments FAIL!

Fortunately for you, if your doctor’s treatments fail it doesn’t mean you’re incurable. It just means they were looking in the wrong place! Part of the problem is the majority of doctors out there tend to get so side tracked with focusing on the wrist that they over look something so incredibly obvious it tends to shock carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers!

You see, in order for pain to travel to your brain it has to find a pathway. In essence, it needs a road to get there. Just like you need to take a road to get to your job in the morning.

In your body, this road is called your nervous system. And, the weird thing about nerves is if you interfere with the nervous system anywhere along its ‘road’ it can make you feel pain in other places.. like your wrist!

So if all this attention your doctor has given your wrist doesn’t seem to pan out. It may be because there’s nothing wrong with your wrist at all! In fact, you can be a normal healthy adult with a perfectly normal wrist. And stilll feel the pains associated with carpal tunnel syndrome!

That’s right, you may be suffering from pain right now in your wrist and.

YOU May Not Even Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

I know this may come as a shock to you. But imagine this: If the REAL cause of your wrist pain, were to be found it can be treated. And if this spot or spots are treated safely and naturally, won’t your wrist pain go away as well.

Imagine how your life will change. You won’t have to take pills anymore, you won’t have to wear wrist splints.

I invite you to relax, close your eyes, and picture in your mind a day without your bothersome wrist pain. A day where you could do whatever you want and not worry if your wrists will allow you to feel the pleasure. Can you picture that image in your head? What favorite activity are you doing? How healthy and happy do you look? Who are you spending this time with? Are you really enjoying this moment as much as you possibly can?

Isn’t a moment like this what life is all about?

How would you like to make that fantasy into your reality? How would you like to, once and for all, get rid of your wrist pain and all that goes with it. No more reduced life, no more irritation, no more limitations. Just a happy, enjoyable life that everyone envies!

I Have Thousands Of Hours Experience Working With
Carpal Tunnel Sufferers And Getting Them Out Of Pain Quickly
And Easily, Without Drugs Or Surgery!

Hello. My name is Dr. Gene Fish, Clinic Director of Genesis Chiropractic Clinic here in Horsham / Warrington, PA.

I’ve spent years helping victims of carpal tunnel syndrome not only discover the truth about their wrist pain but also getting them out of pain quickly, easily, and naturally without any drugs or surgery. That’s why I put together this valuable report. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of seeing people just like you walking around with bandages and splints on their wrists going through a lifetime of pain and misery because no one ever bothered to reveal to them the truth about their condition!

I’ve used a drug and surgery free method to help people get rid of their wrist pain. As quickly, easily, and painlessly as possible. In fact, I’ve been able to help almost everyone who’s come into my office complaining of wrist pain. And the truth is, the majority of the people I couldn’t help, I could have helped had they come to me sooner!

In fact, since I’ve been so successful and happy with helping people just like you get out of pain, I’ve focused a majority of my practice and skills at helping carpal tunnel victims get rid of their pain. And keeping them that way! There is really nothing more pleasing than helping people just like you finally become pain free and living life on their own terms once again!

That’s why I wrote this report. I want you to know the truth about carpal tunnel syndrome almost everyone out there doesn’t seem to want you to know. Because, I know I can help you!

Find Out RIGHT NOW If My State-Of-The-Art,
Quick, Safe, And Natural Treatment Can Help YOU!

If you’re suffering from constant, bothersome wrist pain. Or maybe you just started feeling a slight numbness and tingling that you don’t want to get worse. Then there is hope for you to get rid of your pain once and for all!

In fact, I’ve helped design a quick and easy Carpal Tunnel Evaluation that can determine where all your wrist pain is REALLY coming from. In fact, doctors all over the country are now using this method to help carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers from all walks of life.

But, I have to warn you. It’s in your best interest to get your pain evaluated right now. Because later on, if you procrastinate on this, then your condition might deteriorate to the point where I can’t help you. Don’t forget, the longer you wait to find out your problem, the longer it will take to fix the problem and get your out of pain.

What’s important is that you take a moment now to schedule your carpal tunnel evaluation test. Because, as I said before, now is the best time to find out where your pain is coming from. If you want to wait and procrastinate, you are only setting yourself up for more pain you don’t have to feel. And, as you become worse and worse. Then it will take longer and longer to really fix your problem.

Good luck on getting rid of your wrist pain,

Dr. Gene Fish

PS – Don’t forget, MDs are not trained to diagnose and treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So if you DO suffer from wrist pain, almost any treatment your doctor is giving you will be ineffective. So it may even be harmful to you!

PPSS – Even if your pain just started up, it’s a good idea to get checked out now. Because taking care of this now will save you tons of time and frustration in the future. Don’t wait until Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cripples you to take advantage of my special offer.

PPPSSS – Good Luck!

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