Millions of people a year are injured as a result of a car crash. Whether you feel immediate pain or not, please book an assessment if you have been involved in a car accident. It could save you both time, money, and preserve your health. We will provide you with car crash solutions.

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We are talking today about car crash injuries today.

Common Warning Signs

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Here are some common warning signs and symptoms that you should seek help:

Here’s the problem: Over time, gravity can turn even a small misalignment from a car crash into a major issue if left untreated. Pressure can be placed on your ligaments, muscles, and spine or your overall posture could be compromised. We can help repair any damage and relieve you of associated pain from your auto accident.

How Do We Diagnose Car Crash Injuries

Your first step is diagnosing the severity of the accident. We start with a detailed consultation so I can learn about what exactly happened during your car crash, the state of your health before the accident, and how the crash has impacted your health and your life.

After this we have a way of documenting your injury called the MyoVision DynaROM. This test has become the gold standard in the American Medical Association to determine the extent and location of your injury. What this test does is it simultaneously measures muscle activity and Range of Motion – so we can see graphically, not only the “quality of motion” but if muscle guarding occurs. What this means for you is we are able to objectively document and measure your soft tissue injury.

The other things we do is we will take a specific series of x-rays to not only rule out fracture but to determine the severity and location of your injury so we can develop the perfect plan and car crash solution to give you the best chance at full recovery.

How Can We Provide Car Crash Solutions?

The most important two areas we need to address after a car crash are: One – making sure the bones in your spine are moving and Two – your spine is properly aligned. Often times with car crashes we will also use therapies to help your soft tissue heal faster and quicker.

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Hopefully this helps you today. Your next steps are simple. Call our office. One of our awesome team members will explain our easy scheduling process and answer any other questions.

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