Back To Life

I was really in bad shape. For six months or four, I went to all doctors, all the specialists. So, I lost a lot of money, nobody can help. So I was almost desperate for help to get back to life. And when I get here, I sit with the Dr. Fish and he make a program to me. I supposed to be starting new jobs by like after a month since I get here. And I was worried about the time. So he said like, “I would try and get you back to work as soon as possible.”

Back to Work

So I got back to work, which that’s most important to me. So I was like I said, I saw all the specialists, I saw everything and nobody can help. I was real bad. And then Dr. Fish, he got me back to work. Therefore right now, I’m almost like, I would say 80%. So that’s good! And I’m happy. However I’m not saying the pain went away like a hundred percent, but the pain is still a little bit. But I’m working, that’s most important to me.

I like the office. And I like the people in here. They really good people. They treat you very well. The appointments, very flexible. Therefore I can reschedule. It’s really good everything like that. As far as I just meant the girls at the front desk, the exercise room with Keith. Everything is amazing. I feel really comfortable.

Back to Life

And the most important to me is like, I’m not as scared to let them know, like, “Hey, I got a little bit bad on this day or something. I feel pain in here.” Like I can talk to them all day long and they’re listening. So that’s most important to me.

Back to Healthy

I think I feel like I’m more healthy. Even at work, even I would say I feel more relaxing. I’m not nervous or something because the most pain or the most issue went away. And it’s even affect like my family life. Like less nervous, I feel happy. And a lot of things.


Back To Life - Chiropractor Patient Smiling

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